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23rd December, 2011

A Clarion Call from many different sources as we are approaching another year of challenge and opportunity – 2012. Here’s a start, received today:

Guidance from Eileen Caddy

Make Room, Make Room for the Very Highest


Cast all the old aside to make room for the new. How can you expect to usher in the new if you insist on holding onto the old. Make room, make room, and have a good spring clean from time to time and see what there is you can cast forth of the old and never be tempted to hold on to anything which is not of the very highest. This needs to be done with thoughts and ideas as well as material possessions. Don't just throw out the rubbish, but also those things which clutter up the mind and stop it from expanding. Take time to go through your material possessions as well and sift and sort what you have and cast out anything which you do not use. It is right to have all that you need, but again let Me remind you not to hoard. It is far too easy to accumulate and then wonder why you feel burdened and bowed down and can't move forward and upward.

23 December 2011

One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community



Happy Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year!


Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




3rd July 2011

It is indeed holiday time and I am receiving requests from friends who want to come and visit here in Mani. I am now offering holiday/retreats on a private basis. Full details upon request. Please e-mail me on

Happy Summer!

Amma Magi



What are we waiting for? Easter is an old tradition but what are we really celebrating? The crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection of Christ? Isn’t most talk these days about food, what we are going to eat and drink during the long holiday? Somehow I am not in the mood.

I would like to start a new tradition where we look a bit closer at ourselves, our own crucifixion of the ego-centered freewill and resurrection into the freedom of being “God in Form”.

Happy Transformation!

Amma Magi


Christmas Greetings 2010

The perfect Christmas Message has landed on my desk and I wish to share with Open Heart. This is my "News to the World"!

Amma Magi

The Nature of Unconditional Love
by Owen Waters

The purpose of being human, as we shift into the New Reality, includes learning about heart-centered consciousness.

The universe is, by its very design, filled with the love of the Original Creator. Universal love is the aspect of Original Consciousness which holds Creation together. In the Original Creation, Infinite Being divided its consciousness into two complementary aspects – thought and feeling – and then set them into motion.

The love of the Original Creator forms the very fabric of space. No material thing and no part of “empty” space is devoid of that love. Universal love is literally everywhere. However, the human condition is only consciously affected by this love when it is channeled into the human realm through its use by humans.

We are here on Earth to learn how to translate universal love into human form.

Once universal love has been transformed through the consciousness of any individual human being, it affects the global mind atmosphere of Earth. We all share constant access to this global mind. While we initiate thoughts and feelings on our own, we also receive thoughts and feelings from the global mind. We sometimes alter these by our own thought, sometimes not, and then pass them back into the global mind. Even though we are typically not accustomed to conscious telepathy, our subconscious and superconscious minds are fully telepathic. We constantly receive and transmit thoughts and feelings subconsciously from and to the global mind atmosphere.

When a person experiences heart-centered consciousness, they radiate a type of consciousness which is very different to basic emotion. Heart-centered consciousness is a state of unconditional love. It is not a product of emotional like or dislike. Once started, nothing in physical reality affects the flow of unconditional love. It is something that just is, regardless of the circumstances.

Unconditional love is something that flows through your heart when you reach up above day-to-day consciousness, tune into your heart-awareness and allow the universal love energy to flow through you. Heart-centered consciousness always sees the elegant solution to the sorrows that can arise from basic human emotions.

Unconditional love allows, accepts and supports. It is not something you try to do. It just flows when you allow it to enter your heart and take your consciousness above the cares of daily reality and into an expanded vista of awareness.

Each time you radiate unconditional love into the global mind atmosphere, you upgrade the entire human experience, taking humanity yet one more step into the unfolding New Reality.

This was an excerpt from Owen Waters' new book, Spirituality Made Simple, which is available both as a paperback and a downloadable e-book, at:


Create the Song of your Soul

Inspired by the film "The Shift" with Wayne Dyer (available from I will be expanding my Creative Writing course to include Dream Healing performed by Kerry Kousiounis and call it "Create the Song of your Soul". Kerry is the Founder of The Spirit of Life Center in Greece, mentioned below.

Writing is not only my passion, but an essential tool in my own healing. Please check out my latest Release dated November 2010.


Marie Norlén-Smith


Creative writing and Storytelling

With emphasis on "soul expression", I am arranging writing courses in Sweden and Greece. Become a creative artist using words, written and spoken, while nurturing your mind and body in beautiful surroundings. No previouis experience necessary. Come as you are with an open mind and heart.

Monday 26th July to Friday 30th July 2010. Venue: Skaparbyn, Hedesunda, Sweden. For details (in Swedish), please check out and click on "program" and then "juli".

Sunday 3rd October to Sunday 10th October 2010. Venue: The Spirit of Life, Agios Nikolaos, Mani, Peloponessos, Greece. For details, please check out or click on the following : 


Marie Norlén-Smith


Spiritual Travels

It is becoming more and more popular to take part in Sacred Tours and Retreats. There are two arranged this spring which I highly recommend. The Easter Retreat in the Lake District, England, is arranged by my friends Mervyn and Joy Smith. Two years ago I took part in a similar event and thoroughly enjoyed it. For details, please check out:

Mystical Journeys Retreat, English Lake District   1st – 5th April 2010  Contact:

The second one is a Tour of Sacred Sites in Bosnia & Herzegovina, 17th – 23rd April 2010, arranged by Joy Smith and Isobel Denham. I have already booked to take part myself and look forward to this trip. For bookings and details, please contact:

I am also planning a Mystical Pilgrimage/Retreat to Mani in Greece in October 2010. Watch out for details of this one. Mani is an area I know very well and provides a good balance between mountains and the sea with beautiful olive groves and open landscapes. Healing for your heart and soul.


Marie Norlén-Smith                                                                       Founder



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