Release No. 71


15 January 2015


Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year of 2015!

I keep writing as inspiration flows through me and then comes reality, when my written words are mirrored back into my face. This happened a few days ago.

A friend visited me. “What have you written recently?” he asked me. I looked in my notepad and spontaneously read back to him:


Coldness in dark winter

Silence, serenity

The dog warming my feet in bed

Soon midnight

There is not enough time


A day later my friend turned up again, triumphant. He exclaimed: But there is time!


Meanwhile events are taking place impacting us on a global scale. The glad tiding is that “we still have time”. Each and every day is a blessing. We are allowed to breathe and live on this precious Planet Earth and spend time together. Learning, evolving, expanding, growing …


One of my close friends is an astrologer and while sorting out my desk this morning I found the following excerpt received back in December 2014:


“The key to all shifts in the planetary energies is to work with them. Now is the time to be bold; to be creative; to shift your own energy to more enthusiasm and passion about life and what you’re doing.” ( It follows: “Be aware of what is going on within you and take stock. Pick up your energy level but don´t burn out; there´s time to pace yourself.”


Again I am reminded: There is time!


I call it God’s Grace.


Welcome to 2015 and new opportunities for learning, evolving, expanding and growing …  !


Amma Magi




Release No. 70



3rd November, 2014


The world is as it is or as we think it is? What is your view? Aren’t we all looking at the bright side of life? It will get better. Tomorrow is another day. Surely?


Recently I received an appeal for clarification. What happens when “trusted sources” no longer deliver what they promise? Or when things appear to go “wrong” and we want to resign our positions? There are many of us who feel we have done our work “in good faith”. If it doesn’t work out to our satisfaction where do we go from here?


On a cosmic level, this Earth is being flooded with “new energy” aimed at healing our Mother Earth and awakening all life on this Planet. Energy has to go somewhere. Anyone who is a willing volunteer to anchor this energy through channeling, sharing new information to all of us or in other ways, is more than welcome. Anyone who is willing to open their hearts to God’s Infinite Love will almost automatically become part of the Cosmic Plan for Peace and Enlightenment.


Now, let us also take a look at ourselves on an individual level. Where are we in our spiritual evolution? How much effort have we put into our spiritual understanding/growth?


Recently I also received this reminder: “Paradoxically, your greatest service to humanity is to focus upon your own spiritual growth.”


I have spent 45 years of my present incarnation actively searching for Truth. It may appear a short time span considering the vastness of evolution throughout the whole universe. But I am here – right where I am.  And I am expressing deep gratitude for being alive here and now.


Sometimes I consult Oracle Cards for guidance. Recently I received the message “Mother Mary – Expect a Miracle”. I was a bit perplexed and started to fanaticize about a new man entering my life to complete my happiness. After an early morning healing session and meditation a couple of days later a sudden thought flashed through my mind: “You are the Miracle!” And then I thought: “Yes, everyone is a Miracle!” I really felt it in my heart. Yes, we are true Miracles. How else can it be?


Why look to anyone else? We are empowered beyond belief. Just believe!


Where do we go from here? You have the answer. Look within!



Amma Magi



Release No. 69



14 September 2014


During a recent visit to Sweden I joined a group of some 40 people from all over Europe, US and Canada taking part in the International Creative Gathering of LifeNet.  Apart from lectures and workshops, we also performed geomancy in the landscape, bringing healing and balance to the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth, Gaia. Our facilitator was Marko Pogacnik, founder of LifeNet and world-renowned geomantic artist from Slovenia.


Visiting a Nature Reserve on an island surrounded by the Baltic Sea I had an experience which is still transforming my life, even weeks later. Sitting under an ancient oak tree of massive size, the group spent some time in meditation and attunement. During a walk-about I discovered a large rock nearby pulling me into its orbit. As I placed the palms of my hands on its surface I felt a strong flow of masculine energy. “Why does this rock have to be male?” I asked myself. “It is about time we transmute the dark destructive energies trapped in nature into a nurturing female healing energy.” Concentrating on transforming the male rock into a more loving female entity I found to my amazement that the rock seemed to respond. In my mind’s eye I could see light flooding out of the rock, lifting upwards to amalgamate with the sun’s rays above from a blue sky. Something told me that we no longer need churches for worship but the “new religion” is to show our devotion and reverence to Gaia under the blue dome of heaven. For some reason the name of Christina revealed itself to me. Was it my own fantasy or wild imagination that whispered my new name: Christina of Sweden?



Returning to Greece I found many things changing around me. I felt inspired to create a new corner in my garden for my daily meditations. Sitting here under a large olive tree, facing the setting sun, I surprised myself by a new inspiration. The Mission of Amma Magi is now complete! She has accomplished what was necessary at the time, offering free healing guidance through her website and free spiritual education through “The Magical Alchemy Course”. Thousands of people all over the world have benefited.


Christina is actually one of the names I was given during my christening, being an ancestral link passed on through several generations. It will now be my alter ego as I continue to write stories about my life. My “official” name will revert to Astrid Marie which is what I call myself here in Greece. Yes, I do have many names!


What is really at the root of my identity is my connection with Sweden. Now I have a Rock firmly established in a beautiful landscape.


Well, I just wanted to share this new experience which is still creating new ideas as life changes around me.



Astrid Marie


Added note 28 October 2014: Since posting the above, Amma Magi has re-emerged. She continues to be an Oracle of Healing. How can I ever stop being a healer? I am just getting used to changes and feeling from my heart what is needed in the world today. Amma Magi is very much alive!



Release No. 68


26th May, 2014


I am reminded: “Do not in pride rely solely on your own strength. Do everything together while you can. A three-fold cord is not easily broken.” (Source: Second Thunder – MSI).


Yes, look at yourself and those close to you. What is your Soul Plan, your Mission? Who are your soul friends, creating your reality? Yes, look again – and remember!


I am looking at myself, actually an old photograph from the 1980s facing me on a notice board above my work space:  That wistful look in my eyes. What is it saying? And that wry smile on my face, what is it saying about my thoughts, the way I felt right then?



My weekly cleaning lady commented only a few days ago that she did not like this particular photograph. It did not do me justice, she said. There were other photos on that notice board of many happy events in my life.


Looking again at the photo I see myself as natural, unpainted, simple, just my true self. In my private life at that time I know I was going through great turmoil. I was unbalanced, confused and totally out of my own wits. The photo is taken at a Festival of Mind-Body-Spirit in London where I worked on a stand promoting my beloved Master, Dr George King, Founder/President of The Aetherius Society. Therefore I am not amazed at the clear, loving gaze in my eyes into the camera. It is like a frozen moment in time, expressing deep inner peace and joy, as if I knew!


I have an inner deep feeling that we all really KNOW. We do know ourselves!


Now, it is time to act our parts. What we came here to DO!


Yes, look back and remember. And look at those close to you. Spread that LOVE …



Amma Magi


Release No. 67



6th January, 2014


Today was to be the Church ceremony of the Priest throwing the Holy Cross into the sea to be retrieved by some brave youngster. An old tradition drawing the local community together, often shivering in the winter blustery weather, by the quay side. I have observed it many times in my little seaside village and was going to do so this morning again with a neighbour. But at 4 am I was awoken by heavy rain which continued until midday before it slowed down to a gentle drizzle for the rest of the day.


I knew already at 4 am that I was not going to attend any seaside Cross throwing, whether it took place or not. I was going to stay in my warm bed, reading, writing and tuning in to Internet on my computer. A day at home, in other words.


Today is “Epiphany” in Biblical terms. One of its meanings is “insight through the divine”. It can also mean a manifestation as in an experience of sudden and striking realization, or a significant breakthrough coming from an outside source.


I discovered its significance (without really knowing the meaning) on 6 January 1997. It was the day my own business idea was incorporated into English law with its own Company Number. At the senior age of 48 I was suddenly a Company Director of a publishing house in London.


Two years later, in 1999, on its second anniversary, I held a publicity party at the simple yet prestigious Columbia Hotel in the West End of London. A crowd of friends and supporters enjoyed an evening of celebration where I even stood up to give a speech, a rare occasion considering my shyness of public life. Little did I know that later the same year I would leave England for good, after more than thirty years in this for me foreign country. My feet left the ground and I landed in another foreign country, surprised and confused, far removed from my country of birth, Sweden.


Since moving to Greece I have become aware of the significance of Epiphany on 6 January, which is a public holiday. Eight years after settling in Greece I held a book launch on 6 January 2007, my very first auto-biographical book: “Travels with Socrates – A Modern Diary from Greece”. I remember the day well as an extraordinary display of light produced by the Sun reflecting on dark and misty rain clouds in the mountains behind our venue, the school of Neochori, showing a magnificent rainbow. While talking to my audience about my book, I had them turn round to see what I was watching through the vast windows – sheer magic. The day is also known in Greece as the Day of Light.


Well, all that was just reminiscing. What I really want to write about in this diary note is my successful trip to England over this Christmas time of 2013. It became a dream come true!


Back in August last year I had a craving for visiting England and my old good friends. I had gone through a lot of turmoil and upheaval in my life over many years and felt I wanted to face my own demons. What was I really afraid of? What people would think of me? Most of all I had a special love in my heart for an anniversary, an event which had brought enormous joy and spiritual awareness to my life. The day was 25 December 1983, Christmas Day, spent in Combe Martin, Devon, with my own spiritual Master Dr George King, and a group of devoted friends. Now it would be 30 years ago.


Yes, I needed an excuse to break away from my imaginary isolation in deepest Mani, a powerful area of southern Greece. What is my life really about?


Since transforming my identity to being Amma Magi back in the autumn of 2010, I have been trying to adjust to this new reality. Recently I have produced a 9-lesson Magical Alchemy Course, once a month which finished on 1 December 2013. It had taken a lot of my time yet exciting me to become the spiritual educational facilitator I really want to be. What I was really developing was my own spiritual growth as “Amma Magi unplugged”, being a “loose cannon” allowing my energy to flow free. It was hard for me after years of disciplined conditioning but I wanted to be true to my heart.


Bravery, courage, breaking through barriers – how do I really relate to these characteristics? Opening my eyes I see thousands of people living their lives as authentic individuals. Travels away from my isolated place of choice, give me a greater perspective on what goes on here on Planet Earth. And I have discovered a lot!




Landing at Heathrow Airport on Friday 20 December 2013 I felt truly at home. I felt I knew every inch of this country, England. Since I left this airport a late rainy evening in November 1999 I have returned many times. But each time London has felt less and less of the dream it was at the very beginning. I had looked at all the negative sides of a declining world metropolis. Now, after a long confinement in an isolated farming community, I was vying for a “big time” experience. London became a paradise of light, warmth, people gathering for the highest joy and friendship. I talked to taxi drivers, hotel receptionists, public transport staff, people on the streets, in the shops. Who else do I speak to at home apart from my dog?


The following day, Saturday 21 December, was the Winter Solstice. This is the day my beloved partner Panos Darlas, alias Socrates in my book, passed on in 2007. His best friend Angelo lives in London. We spent a memorable day together, meeting up just after breakfast at the Columbia Hotel where I stayed to do the sights and shopping areas of London until late evening.


On Sunday 22 December I attended a special Christmas Service at The Aetherius Society Temple in Fulham, followed by a social with good food and refreshments. The venue is new to me although I met up with many old good friends.


Monday morning, the day before Christmas Eve, I boarded a train at Paddington station for the West Country. Serious storm warnings were issued on BBC News, threatening Christmas traffic on the road, rail and by air. I got as far as Exeter before flooding forced us to jump on a coach across country towards Barnstaple where a friend collected me by car. Safely at my final destination in Combe Martin, visualized back in August as an important place for me to be at Christmas time, I could really breathe a sigh of relief. 


The following days were truly magical. I had time to relive, by myself, the experience with my Master GK over the Christmas period of 1983 in the newly acquired house known at the time as The Retreat. I was there, looking into his eyes, speaking to him and following the events. Most of it did not become apparent until he wrote his booklet: “The Festival of Carrying the Light”.


Staying at this comfortable Bed & Breakfast called Cranleigh House, at one time known as “The Magdalen Center” owned by Mary King, the mother of my Master GK, I felt I was in the hands of the gods.


There were several new experiences awaiting me, quite unexpected.


First of all, I had already planned a sacred pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain nearby, Holdstone Down, where the Master Jesus had appeared in physical body to my own Master GK on 23 July 1958. It was also this Mountain (or rather sacred hillock) that GK re-visited on 25 December 1983. That was in truth the essence of my whole pilgrimage and visit to the UK this time.


The second new experience was that the keeper of this special Bed & Breakfast, Katherine, who was a long-time acquaintance from my days living in London, had never actually met the Master GK in person. She had many devotees who joined pilgrimages up to this holy place who were keen to meet me as “one who knew the Master”. Suddenly I had become an historical object, an artefact, who had met face to face with the Master George King. How precious time is. I was so glad and willing to share my wonderful experiences.


On visiting the Healing Sanctuary at the top of the 3-storey Cranleigh House, I met an unexpected figure. In the loft space, reserved for yoga, meditation and sacred healing, was an enormous mural painting of a Master. It faced me as I entered the room. The eyes caught mine. A recognition – but it was someone I had not yet met in this life. I just knew HER. But I had no name. The eyes gave her away.


The first remarkable experience was that I thought I was looking into the eyes of a woman. I smiled in recognition. At last, here we have a Female representative of the Divine. She really appealed to me. Who was she? What was her name?


Later I saw her as both male and female. I was confused but it did not matter. I just loved this Master and absorbed Its essence. I had come Home! Maybe this is why I was here?


On Christmas Day I fulfilled my pilgrimage by climbing to the top of Holdstone Down to hold a service of love and healing with other companions and a photographer who captured the sacred moment. We had glorious sunlight. My task was fulfilled!



I spent a wonderful time at the Cranleigh House Bed & Breakfast in Combe Martin with the very best of camaraderie and good food. On Christmas Day we were ten of us enjoying delicious vegetarian food and pulling each others Christmas crackers. We shared story-telling, music and singing during the 4-day period I spent there. Then I managed to get a train back to London despite media news of more adverse weather conditions.


More days were spent with Angelo, the Greek now being a confirmed English gentleman, taking good care of me. We visited art galleries and other sites of renown, while he spent the evenings cooking me exquisite dinners. We enjoyed true “symposiums”, good food, company and good conversations.


My return flight to Athens happened to be on New Year’s Eve. I had already booked into my favourite little family hotel in Plaka, with a balcony looking up towards the Acropolis. After a late dinner, I found myself in the middle of an open air concert attended by thousands of Athenians dancing and singing, with the magnificent Acropolis lit up above us. The event was broadcast live on television throughout Greece.  I waved to the cameras as they circled the crowd. What a start to the New Year!


Returning to my nearest town Kalamata, where I picked up my little dog who had enjoyed Christmas with his dog kennel hosts, I drove the last few miles home in my own car.


The weather is the best possible for this time of the year: short-sleeved tops and shorts in the daytime as the sun is hot and a wood-burning stove keeping the chill at bay at night.


Hence the smoke in the chimney.


Happy New Year 2014!


Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




Release No. 66

17th December, 2013


Hello my Friends,

Yes, we are still here on Planet Earth in the Christian Year of 2013. Hurray - let us celebrate!


This has been a year of Harvest since planting our seeds on 12-12-12. Our great get-together on that day in the Kingdom of Mani here in Greece has truly brought forth a great harvest in many ways and on many levels. Now is the question, where do we go from here? The answer came to me today: Growth and Expansion!


Let us intend, pay attention to and make into action: Growth and Expansion of all the Good there is in the World!


I love you all and I am going to England to celebrate the Festive Season with a Pilgrimage to a Holy Mountain and enjoy the company of good friends!


What are you doing? Aim for the very best for your own growth and expansion!



Amma Magi



Release No. 65

15th August, 2013







Yes, I knew there would come a time when Sunlight Network would transform into a new chalice or vessel for Light to enter the Earth.


Everything seems to be changing so why not Sunlight Network?


Individual expression for a common good opens a new space for spiritual growth. In other words, find your own self-empowerment!


Sooner or later we have to take responsibility for our own actions. There is no-one to blame or nowhere to hide. Let us all shine!


On the Day of Metamorphosis in Greece, Tuesday 6 August 2013, the first Phase of Sunlight Mission took place.


As Founder of Sunlight (1995), I am now taking responsibility for my energy contribution to The Shift, the Mission of Transforming the World. In gratitude I am offering my prayers upwards to God with a specific intent: balance, harmony and well-being for The Mother Earth.


The magical key to success is: take the initiative! Offer your personal contribution to the Source of your choice. God is waiting for you! Once you set something in motion, for the highest good of all, you will be assisted in the most miraculous of ways. That is the Law!


Try it for yourself! Become your own Master! Shine!



Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




Release No. 64

10th July 2013





Yesterday I received an e-mail from someone who had just found my website: which is my “Oracle of Healing” site. The person appealed to me: ”Please can you help me to believe in my true self and realise what is true and what our minds stop us from believing.”


This question so profoundly captures what I feel many people are asking right now: “What about me, where do I fit in, what is my role, what is the meaning of all this?”  


Since I started the Magical Alchemy Course in April this year, now running as monthly lessons on the above site, there has been a natural flow in my own search for truth. The old maxim behind this course is: “Man Know Thyself”. Inspiration called me and I just responded, thinking I would share my experiences and knowledge through these lessons. Little did I know how it would affect the genuine spiritual seeker thirsting for their own inner knowing and truth.


In the above e-mail I am asked a very personal question: “what convinced me without a shadow of a doubt that other realities exist but are not yet widely accepted?”


Well, this brings me to my own truth. What really convinced me?


I was 20 years old, living in London, when I was introduced to the teachings of a Master of Yoga, Dr George King. There was no convincing, only instant recognition. I just knew intuitively that this was it for me. A whole new world opened up about other realities that were not yet widely accepted: life after death, karma and reincarnation, life on other planets, UFOs and space travel, etc. It all sounded too good to be true but I persevered, investigated, researched and eventually devoted my life to being a Karma Yogi, offering selfless service to mankind.


Eventually, experience, prayers, loyalty and dedication to God convinced me of my truth. I call it God’s grace.


Truth is like gold, where you find it. It is individual but you have to search for it, you have to really want it and open your eyes.


There is no particular theory or dogma that can convince me that I am less than what I am. You have to know that you are truly God in Form. Yes, KNOW THYSELF!


Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


Note: For further information about Dr George King, Founder-President of The Aetherius Society, please visit:




Release No. 63

1st April 2013





Today I have launched the first lesson in a series of nine lessons to be released once a month.


This course is intended to be a simple yet thought-provoking pathway through life’s many intricacies, leading to a greater awareness of “who we really are”.


Based on my own experiences and wisdom shared by many teachers, I am making this offering freely and with great pleasure and humility for your enjoyment and perusal.


As a lifetime Spiritual Healer, I am aware that healing can take many forms. Foremost is the transmutation of ignorance, through whatever means they have afflicted us through various cultures and many lifetimes. For me, Truth is the greatest healer.


Join me in exploring “who we truly are” on my site by clicking:



Amma Magi



Release No. 62



23rd January, 2013


In October 2012 I walked through the entrance gate of the Sanctuary of Delphi in Greece. I started to ascend the ancient stone steps, leading me higher and higher up the steep mountain side. Surrounded by crumbling stone monuments, bearing witness to rituals and ceremonies throughout the centuries, I wondered what evil forces had eventually destroyed this world-renowned sacred site and removed its beneficial influence.

I was alone, my fellow traveller waiting for me down below due to a physical handicap, although I passed by hundreds of visitors from all corners of the world judging by the many different languages I could hear.

An unseen force led me onwards and upwards. At one time the Oracles of Delphi were considered the most powerful seers in the ancient world. A silent inner voice told me I was on a mission. This place needed cleansing and re-energizing. Now was the time.

I looked for a quite place, a bit distant from the steady flow of visitors, and found a large flat stone amongst some tall pine trees. Above me was the golden sun on a clear blue sky. I settled down, went into soul consciousness and started my ritual. First I clearly stated my intention and asked for permission. I then continued with holy mantra and performed a service of The Twelve Blessings. For nearly an hour I enjoyed the blissful state I had created and the beautiful scenery around me as I felt the power of the mountain rising up through my body. Having completed my mission, I then left the place quickly, feeling a lightness in my steps as if I had wings.

Joining my friend, we continued our journey which had been a spontaneous unplanned fun weekend exploring Greece.

Until today, when I related my story to a friend, I had not placed any particular significance to my visit which I had not shared with anyone. Now, when we are already in 2013, I feel last year 2012 was a tough year of challenge, cleansing and preparing for a new stage on the Theatre of Life.

The path ahead seems clear.

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life





Release No. 61

30th November, 2012



A pivotal point in my life, which led to my Great Change, occurred in July 1969. I was 20 years old and living in London at the time. Someone simply asked me "do you believe in God" and I quickly replied "no, I don't". That was to be the trigger that led me on a journey of spiritual exploration and curiosity.

Now, 43 years later, have I found God? The question is no longer important to me. What is important to me is how I flow with the Great Change of spiritual awakening now taking place on this planet.

The 2012 Transformation is here. It has already started and it affects us all.

For nearly 20 years now I have used Sunlight Network as a vehicle to reach out from my heart with all my love and intent to assist in the enlightenment of mankind. The Sunlight Family is rapidly expanding and joining with other kindred spirits on a global scale to assist in this mass awakening.

So what is going on?


There are numerous pilgrimages to sacred sites all over the planet and people gathering in groups to meditate during the opening of the main cosmic gateway on 21st December 2012.


The Aetherius Society is running a campaign called The Great Change. Check out their website for details: 


Infinite Being is offering "Teachings of the Masters The 2012 Transformation Course". Please click here for details:


Sacred Spaces is launching a new book: "Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story)" by Toni Elizabeth Petrinovich with a follow-up US tour in 2013. Her website:


What am I doing?


I have signed up for the exciting "2012 Transformation course" which will take me through a daily attunement, linking me with the Ascended Masters and a dedicated group of individuals spread all over the world. The official start is Saturday 1st December and ending on Saturday 22nd December. Why not join us? Highly recommended! Click this link:


I have also ordered the book "Divining Truth" by my Master Metaphysical teacher Toni Elizabeth Petrinovich who always inspires me with her delightful and insightful inner wisdom.


What are you doing during this period of Great Change?


Enjoy the month of December!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life



Release No. 60

20th November, 2012


A GREAT OPPORTUNITY - 2012 Transformation Course


Previously I was unsure what to do during this time of transformation everyone seems to be talking about. Now I know. I have signed up for an amazing 2012 Transformation Course.


Starting on 1st December and continuing for 22 days, we will pass through the 2012 gateway, culminating on Friday 21st December on the Winter Solstice, under the elevated guidance of ascended Master Count de Saint Germain through his emissary Owen K Waters of Infinite Being.


Click here for information:


Highly recommended!


Enjoy the Passage of “the single most opportune moment in the spiritual growth of humanity for the past 26,000 years!”


Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




Release No. 59

8th November, 2012




It was a marathon – a 10-hour performance by David Icke at Wembley arena in London on Saturday 27th October 2012 entitled “Remember Who You Are”. I was following events through a live Internet link. From what I could see, there was a huge audience to full capacity at Wembley plus all the subscribers worldwide to the live link. I can’t imagine how many were watching. I also had friends in my house.


Congratulations, David! I thought I had heard it all before but your down-to-earth common sense, generosity of sharing your research combined with inner wisdom, warm humour and musical interludes with dance features, made it all relevant.


So what did I learn?


What I need is a change of perspective; how I look at things. To whom do I give my energy? As a metaphysician I am always aware of my “energy output”, be it thoughts or actions? I am so easily influenced by things I watch on TV/movies, read in newspapers/books or people I meet. It can easily throw me off balance.


Remember who I am. Yes, it is time to change perspective, see things with new eyes and allow myself to “marvel”.


I live NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. It is in the NOW I can change my perspective.


How do you marvel?


Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




Release No. 58

19th June, 2012



I have often wondered what it really entails, Self-Empowerment? How do I know if I am self-empowered?

Basically it means to me that I take personal responsibility for my life, my thoughts and actions. I follow my inner compass, listen to my intuition and feel my way through heart-centered attunement.  I do not put anyone on a pedestal any more but use discernment and look for coherence and integrity in people around me.

This is good training in being non-judgmental, allowing people to be as they are without trying to interfere. It has not come easy.

It is also good training in non-attachment. By this I mean it is so easy to react to everything I see and hear, especially on the news. We are encouraged to have an opinion, engage in discussions and argue our case. Are there really any winners or losers? I do not think so any more. We are what we decide to be, what we create. It is all experience.

Self-empowerment is not seeking power over others, or seeking to control others. It is about honouring the divinity within and bringing out our potential for the highest good.

With the world looking as it does through the eyes of the media: chaos, violence, fear, etc., I feel I have an obligation to hold out a mirror showing what I see: a liberation where anyone, regardless of background, location or gender, has an opportunity to rise above their limitations and become self-empowered.

Recently I took it upon myself to “update” a profound statement by the great spiritual leader Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) who founded Self-Realization Fellowship: “To work united with God is the greatest art to be mastered in the world. To carry on all activities with God-consciousness is the supreme yoga.”

In an attempt to bring more awareness to self-empowerment, I coined the following statement:

In the era of the Shift

The greatest art to be mastered in this world is self-realization. This is true union with God as we are all God in Form. We are limitless in our creativeness.

Express, expand, enjoy … and Know Thyself!

Self-realization translates into modern language as Self-Empowerment.

Take responsibility for your life and become Self-Empowered!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




Release No. 57

23rd May 2012




This morning I received my DailyOM Inspirational thoughts for a happy, healthy and fulfilling day (you can subscribe on The subject was “The Status Quo”. It’s about taking a good look at where we stand, resisting change and staying in our comfort zones or taking courage to remove obstacles and move into the flow of life.

In the late 1960’s when I first moved to London, I attended the legendary “Stones in the Park” free concert in Hyde Park with The Rolling Stones. From the stage, out of large sacks, hundreds of butterflies were released as Mick Jagger recited a poem by Shelley. Hundreds of thousands of young people were gathered, yet you could hear a pin drop. It was that silent. A truly magical moment before the rock ‘n roll reverberated through the heart of London.

This was a kind of revolution in the midst of the spiritual renaissance of “Flower Power” when my own personal transformation started. I was only 20 years old.

Since this time I have followed “my generation” as a journalist, writer, spiritual pioneer and active Karma Yogi.

Personally I believe that this exciting time we are living in is not a time to be a fence-sitter (or keeping the status quo) but rather learn to go with the flow in our awakening to higher consciousness. There is so much to choose from, people to co-operate with and fun things to learn and do.

One of my friends from my early days in London, Chrissie Blaze, is now a successful author and astrologer living in the US. As this year 2012 offers unprecedented opportunities for spiritual growth, I wish to share with you her latest information from her website:


Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


SPRING 2012: The Heart of 2012 Astrology

Late May/June 2012 is at the heart of the 2012 astrology with many powerful events. We have just experienced eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in 0 degrees Gemini on May 20. Venus is now retrograde and is actually retrograde the least of all the planets so this is special. Also, we’re building to the spectacular Venus transit on June 5/6. There won’t be another one of these Venus transits in our lifetime – until 2117 so that too is special.

This all leads up to the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto on June 24; the first of seven up to the year 2015 and part of the “cycle of revolution” I have written about previously. This cycle harks back in time to the mid 1960s which some of us remember as a time of global change and transformation. I say, we haven’t seen anything yet; this time 2012 is due to be even more transformational, difficult and exciting. It’s an exciting time; or a difficult one; or a transformative one – depending upon how each of us handles this. One thing is sure, in three years’ time we will not be the same people as we are today. And for most of us, this is a good thing.

When we have intense planetary events these reflect back and influence us intensely. It feels as if time is picking up speed and life is accelerating. We started to feel the beginnings of this time frame in 2008 when the Occupy movement first started and the global economy collapsed just as Pluto moved its slow journey into Capricorn. This is a long transit from 2008 right through 2024 and we’ve experienced only four years of it but already I think we can see some patterns emerging. Pluto has an intensity that works deeply yet inevitably, forcing us to change at the deepest level. Capricorn represents society and its structures – government, financial institutions, business and what we carry from the past. When Pluto enters Capricorn it seems transformation at a deep level and typically society’s structures resist this, entrenched as they are in the past patterns. One result of this clash we have seen is revolution – the individual (Uranus in Aries) versus the government (Pluto in Capricorn). Since these are both Cardinal signs – signs of action – there is also an urgency.

This can be a frightening time for those of us who are afraid to change; who prefer to hold on to rigid patterns of behavior and security. This is the time to let go of the past without forsaking the best of tradition. It’s time to attune to and go with this higher flow. The planets are there helping us in our evolution and growth if only we will make a certain surrender to their positive power in our lives.


Chrissie Blaze



Release No. 56

18th April, 2012




After yesterday’s blog (see My Blog on this website), I still cannot resist sharing “useful information”. This is what Sunlight Network is all about. I have copied the full message as it was received this morning.



Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


From: <>
Date: 18 April 2012 05:55

You are your own keeper as you are your own master, for there are none that can presume any greater rightness than your very own higher self. Let go the dependancy of lifetimes, maybe, where all that you weaned as truth seems to be realised by any one/ thing outside of oneself. You are yourselves a greater teacher and master for there is nought outside of self that has any greater rightof connection with ultimate truth, yet surely only from Ultimate Being!

Lend not your ears to others, count not your blessings as dependent from another outside of your higher self. There is God, there is Supreme Creator, there is Great Central Sun, and there is mighty I Am that I Am. Your allegiance is not focusing externally and your purest and surest truth or wisdom is to be found within, in your sacred heart / mind space. God, I Am All That Is!

Place all your focus on your inner being as this will lead you ever and always to the greatest guidance and inner blessing of self. I am that I am, I am God, I am all there is, and my heart / mind is the central point of my inner most being and it is the hub and the pivotal point of your immaculate conception of self, of I Am! Leave go the dependancy on others outside of self and allow your own greatest gift to be realised - from within. You are God, You are All That Is.

Salutations and abundant blessings upon you and all fellow travellers. We would convey to you the joy and expectancy that all are experiencing within the heaven worlds in these hastening days of ever increasing Christed inputs that are indeed saturating you on your beloved planet with such an incessant surprise as the Shekinah or manna from heaven, flows forth with such volatility and abundance. There is / are no equivalent similarity that can express the power and the glory that is permeating all upon and within the planet Gaea. There is / are no external goodness that can compare to these so incredible inputs, that raise the vibration ever and even more so.

Time upon time have we expressed these words of praise and salutations and

we are aware of this constant reiteration of the fervour and the tempest that the incoming energies are exuding. There is nought that adequately expounds upon the realisations experienced and we beg your indulgence / pardon as we reiterate these altruistic events that are occuring. Love and light, the Creators delight, the power and glory, are the expansions and expression that are the key to it's unfolding cocreation. There is nought that can instil such verve and gusto as these energetic shifts and changes and it is with hearts singing and voices praising with sacred salutations that are abundantly falling upon your shoulders and caressing and blessing your mighty heart of hearts. Be still and know.

As time recedes and the winds of change move all on in an expressive state, will you and all on planet be asked to stand tall, to be in your power, in your light and be ever flexible and at-one-ment with spirit and all it invokes. These winds of change are, as you are aware, to be actioned in the very nearness of now time and they of will of course be quite challenging and demanding. Your cliche of where there is spiritual / inner shifting or change, then there will surely be physical change, for the two are in truth comparatively inseparable.

There will be a need for self education and self allowance as some of them might well incite elements 'panic' in some areas and despair in others. There may well be these lesser occurrences but not as the doom and gloom prophets elect to share and scare.

There will be no untoward effect of an intimated three days of darkness and no adverse effects caused by any photon belt creating a rash of negative side effects, for the photon belt is not a destructive or negative phenomenon to be feared! Many a one is speculating and preempting these supposed dark sided effects which are comparatively minimal, in an attempt of leading others away from the light and positiveness, and luring them into doubt, fear and greyness! What is more than ever required are more positive decrees and expectations so that these negative intimations are counteracted and absorbed within the LIGHT, for the light is as ever always victorious.

Another aspect of these ascending realities that needs some light shed upon it is that there is not an increase of more and dire negativity upon the beloved planet, no way! What simply and surely is happening is that because of ever increasing qualities and quantities of pure vibrant light energies flooding into and onto the planet, it is obviously showing up more clearly the darkness in a far greater light, so to speak! Everything is being spotlighted to be dealt with as it comes into the light and is exposed to one and all. There is much to clear cleanse and to change; so you can see the greatness of the job ahead as you, we, and beloved lady Gaia set to task and cleanse all in rightful and highest divine time order ably assisted by our off planet friends as and when needed.

This will not be a catastrophic global trajedy and will not be an event that will take billions off planet! There will be the minimum of souls leaving physically to percieve the planets ascension from a different perspective, and who have chosen to assist off planet, and those whose work is complete en situ, Others will indeed go to places that will afford them the love and support which is so needed and like will always attract like. These dear ones from say the lesser maintained countries may well be the areas that will release many, and their life styles can only and ever be greatly enhanced as they are elevated from the abominable areas on planet where their existences are sad, to say the very least, under the tyranical wrath of so called self styled leaders. For these will it be a blessing in disguise...

We await poised and ready for these rather grand opportunities coming nearer on the horizon so that we can all tighten our seatbelts for a rather splendid cycle of events that is here for us all to embrace and to cocreate within. Count your blessings; for we are indeed the cocreators of this new incoming world so we have a need to focus entirely on the lighest and brightest, most loving and divine highest order of expansion and vibration. And lets go for that, lets create heaven here on earth and lets enjoin hearts and minds into the purest love and light spectacle of all time! God bless you God, we shall count our blessings!


Selemat Jahin

(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom.

Please copy and share with credit to source. Gods Speed.




14th February 2012



This is possibly the greatest message I have ever shared as Editor of Sunlight Network.

Today is “All Hearts’ Day”.Open up!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life



by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

February 14, 2012

Miracles are happening as we embrace this Day of Love, which is celebrated in the outer-world as Valentine’s Day. The Beings of Light who are assisting us from On High have stated that the magnitude of what is occurring within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity is glorious beyond our comprehension. After the life-transforming events of 2011, Humanity entered the auspicious year of 2012 on a wave of unity consciousness beyond anything we had ever experienced. Now the Earth is receiving greatly amplified waves of Solar Light that are allowing our I AM Presences to activate our pineal glands and open our Crown Chakras of Enlightenment to new breadths. This is enabling people everywhere to hear the inner voice of their I AM Presence and the celestial guidance from the Company of Heaven in new and profound ways. This act of Divine Intervention is causing a powerful shift in the mass consciousness of Humanity. This miraculous event is reversing the adverse effects of our fall from Grace.

After the fall we fell into such dense frequencies of duality and separation that our Crown Chakras closed causing our spiritual brain centers to atrophy. That tragedy caused us to forget that we are supposed to consciously receive guidance from our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven as we sojourn through our Earthly experiences. Our descent into chaos also caused our 12 strands of DNA to short circuit into the double helix DNA that our scientists are exploring. At a cellular level the fragmented double helix of DNA provides barely enough information for the body to sustain brain consciousness.

Now, everything has changed! The transformation that has happened within the collective consciousness of Humanity during the past 25 years has provided us with a brand new opportunity. Our I AM Presence is at long last reclaiming dominion of our lives, and we are in the process of healing the fragmented circuitry of our original 12-strand DNA. Now we are ready for the next phase of the Divine Plan. This part of the plan will prepare every man, woman, and child for our Ascent into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our New Solar Reality. It will move us a quantum leap forward in our transfiguration from carbon-based planetary Beings into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Beings. A critical part of this Divine Alchemy consists of encoding the patterns of perfection for our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Strands of DNA that our I AM Presence is NOW activating within us.

With Humanity’s conscious participation in this process of Divine Alchemy, our I AM Presence can easily recalibrate and encode our DNA with our new planetary cause. These patterns of Divine Love reflect the Immaculate Concept of the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Solar Light that we are Ascending into.

Scientists used to believe that our DNA was stationary and stagnant. We now know that our DNA is a shimmering, waveform configuration that is being modified by Light, Solar radiation, magnetic fields, thoughtforms, and sonic impulses. When our I AM Presences collectively imprint the genetic codes for our 5th-Dimensional Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love onto our DNA, these patterns will ignite every cell in our bodies and be secured in the nucleus of every atomic and subatomic particle of Life on Earth. Once this is accomplished, suddenly and miraculously nothing will be the same.

The NEED OF THE HOUR is for all of us to join hearts and minds as we download the programs from the Causal Body of God that will encode our DNA with the patterns for our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love. Through the Grace of God, a powerful downloading process has been given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven. By utilizing this Gift from On High, we will cocreate a living, ever-expanding Forcefield of Divine Love that will assist all of us to awaken, our families, our friends, and even the most recalcitrant people. The Company of Heaven said there is no better time to begin the process of encoding our DNA with the patterns of Divine Love than on this day dedicated to Love. Repeat this activity of Light daily for a while until you feel a sense of completion.

Downloading Programs for our Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Through the Presence of God, I AM, I Invoke:

My omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.

I Invoke the Aspects of my Father-Mother God from the Great, Great Central Sun

I Invoke the Aspects of my Father-Mother God from the Great Central Sun

I Invoke the Aspects of my Father-Mother God from the Central Sun

I Invoke the Aspects of my Father-Mother God from the physical Sun

I Invoke my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth.

I invoke the full-gathered momentum of our 5th-Dimensional Planetary Cause of Divine Love and the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

I ask the I AM Presence of each member of my family, my friends, and the entire Family of Humanity to take command of this Activity of Light, which I AM Invoking on behalf of myself and every person on Earth. Beloved I AM Presence, download the following programs for each person in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the Highest Good for ALL concerned.

In perfect Divine Order encode within each One’s DNA these patterns of perfection for our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love.

And I begin...

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for the Infinite Flow of God’s Abundance, Opulence, Financial Freedom, and the God-Supply of ALL good things. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, Radiant Beauty, and Flawless Form. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Perfect Health Habits including Eating and Drinking Habits, Exercise, Work, Relaxation, and Recreation Habits, and Spiritual Devotion, Meditation, and Contemplation Habits. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Divine Family Life, Loving Relationships, Adoration, Divine Love, Divine Sexuality, True Understanding, Clear and Effective Communication, Open Heart Sharing, Oneness, and the Unification of the Family of Humanity. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Eternal Peace, Harmony, Balance, and Reverence for ALL Life. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Self-Empowerment, Success, Fulfillment, Divine Purpose, A Rewarding Career, Self Esteem, Spiritual Development, Enlightenment, Divine Consciousness, and Divine Perception. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)


Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Clear Perception and Open Heart and Mind Telepathic Communication with the Company of Heaven and the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Inspired Creativity through Music, Singing, Sound, Toning, Dance, Movement, Art, and Education. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for Laughter, Joy, Playfulness, Fun, Self-expression, Elation, Enthusiasm, Bliss, Ecstasy, Wonder, and Awe. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

Beloved I AM Presence, download now the 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God for the physical manifestation of Heaven on Earth. (pause)

The Solar programs are successfully downloaded, and my I AM Presence now scans through all facets of my Being and deletes anything that conflicts with these programs. (pause)

I now ACCEPT and KNOW through every fiber of my Being that these 5th-Dimensional Solar programs from the Causal Body of God have been successfully downloaded.

I also ACCEPT and KNOW that my I AM Presence will update these Solar programs every single day and continually delete anything in my thoughts, words, feelings, or actions that may conflict with these programs or prevent them from manifesting as a tangible reality in my life.

These patterns which reflect the Earth’s New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love are now encoded within the Twelve Solar Strands of my 5th-Dimensional DNA and will manifest in my life creating the wonders of Divine Love and the Oneness of ALL Life.

In deep Humility, Divine Love, and Gratitude I Decree,

It is done. And so it is.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.

©2012 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.


Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization



6th January, 2012



2012 - Year of Transformation. There is so much I want to offer the world as a Missionary of Life, healer, educator and writer. 

Here it comes, the “watch this space” promise. I am launching a new website: AMMA MAGI – The Oracle of Healing. Click on 

“Healing” means many things to me. My whole life is dedicated to healing of mind, body and spirit. The more I learn and practice, the more I marvel at life! We are so blessed to be part of the big shift taking place. It is gradual but it is becoming more noticeable.

The way I understand the transformational year of 2012 is that it is a turning point and opportunity to claim our power. We should aim to clear up our lives on all levels: health-wise, emotions and relationships, material possessions and essential needs, etc. Tie up loose ends. Love yourself free!

It is a year to come together,  co-operate, form groups and communities, talk, act, serve … open our hearts and eyes and look above the horizon. Enter soul awareness and rejoice!

I invite you to watch this inspirational YouTube video “2012: Year of Power by Lee Harris”

Welcome to 2012 – the Year of Transformation!

Amma Magi



Release No. 53

Tuesday 29th November, 2011




I have come to the “Edge” many times in my life but I did not have a word for it. Now I can summarise my chaotic and irrational behaviours, the dark tunnels and challenges in my life as reaching my Edge. It has become the latest popular expression in recent Internet messages from various sources, just as the word “Ascension” was a few weeks ago. Here are a few helpful extracts:

“So many people are experiencing their own personal apocalypses. Waiting for the end isn’t exciting any more, since it’s already here. What is exciting is that we have, as a planet, reached our precipice and are jumping as we leave behind the old and fall into creation mode where all changes really happen.

“I have watched many folks get knocked out of their comfort zones. After they shake their heads and clear the fog, most of them dive into the journey, take their power back and begin to create the changes they want and perhaps have always wanted. I believe it is to connect to source and find the truth of who we really are.”

Nancy Joy’s weekly “Reflection”,

28th November 2011


“I wrote about how in September I found myself at an Edge. That place where I was about to take an action that would have moved me out of what was comfortable into the uncomfortable. For me that Edge was actively sharing my writing with a larger audience, beyond my circle of friends and family.

“Of course I know that with each Edge I cross I continue my own growth, and journey in life, but I do not cross this Edge with only myself in mind. No, I want to cross the Edge and share Just Daily Living with people because if by relating some of my own journey and experiences I can help others to find some peace, guidance and sense of wholeness, then I will be giving back all that I have received.”

A. Kathryn

28th November 2011



“Your Soul Enterpriseis an important project undertaken with boldness as your personal individual expression. Does that sentence define what you are presently accomplishing in your life?


“Most likely, you are playing it pretty safe, i.e. remaining in a job that doesn’t give you much self-esteem, saying “yes” when you would like to say “no” and basically remaining in as much security as you can provide for yourself. Why would you want to jump into something that stimulated you to attempt a “difficult or bold” project when you don’t know if it will succeed? It doesn’t sound very smart, does it?


“Yet, isn’t there a tremendous draw within you that you frequently turn away from because it causes fear within you? You know – the one that says, “If you would just give this a little time and energy, who knows what might happen?” You know the urge I am talking about and while you are reading this article, I am encouraging you to take a breath and really let yourself feel it arise. Embrace it for a moment and see how it feels. Try it on for size. As soon as you do this, there is a bit of hesitancy due to social, family or workplace pressure. This tension is exacerbated by the mind’s lack of confidence in what you can achieve “on your own” and from there it looks for all of the familiar reasons why you should not take upon yourself something that causes you fear. What your mind is basically saying to you is, “Why are you attempting to push me so far? Why don’t you simply leave well enough alone? You’ve gotten along just fine so far. Why change anything now?”


“So, this is what you are used to and we are going to diverge from the norm here and present a totally different way to look at yourself: …“


Toni Elizabeth Petrinovich Sacred Spaces Newsletter,

26th November, 2011



“As you head towards the 2012 gateway, it’s time to take inventory and see where you stand on matters of unfinished business. Whatever gives you discomfort – even so much as a nagging doubt that all is not right – now is the time to address those issues. Anything that gives you a feeling of being out of harmonious alignment of mind, body and soul should be addressed and resolved.

“As I said last week, if you are currently working through a major life challenge and feel as though you’re going round in circles and getting nowhere, stop and look for the gift in that challenge. The gift is that, by loving yourself and others more, you can rise above the challenge and become more of who you really are. Then, the experience changes from one of challenge to one of self-empowerment.

“The solution to a challenge in the material world is typically not to be found in the material world at the level of the problem. The answer is found when you rise above that frequency and gain from the resources of the higher aspects of your mind. Fear-based challenges, for example, are always resolved by connecting with the strength and security of your inner being. Real strength does not lie anywhere in the outside world. It lies within you. Once you find that inner power, you rise above any limitation and stand as a self-realized way-shower in a world desperate for spiritual freedom.

Owen Waters “Infinite Being” weekly Newsletter

27th November, 2011


Am I ready to jump off my “edge”? I am certainly looking at various options and alternatives to get to know myself better and share my experiences as a Healer and Wayshower.

Watch this space!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life





Thursday 10th November, 2011




Beliefs and fears can be a curse. Recently I got caught up in the “Ascension” hype as we are approaching 11:11:11, which is tomorrow. I came to believe that I would join a group ready to ascend into a higher dimension. This was about two weeks ago. Suddenly books, articles and Internet messages dropped into my life, pointing towards Ascension. When an actual date was set I asked myself: “Am I just going to “die” in my house? What will happen to my dog?” Then I woke up to Life. I looked at my beliefs and fears. What is it I really want? What is my Soul purpose?


Throughout my life I have felt a Guardian Angel on my shoulder. If it is my Higher Self or a separate entity I do not know but I feel comfortable with it. Someone seems to “save me” in the nick of time. Is it “Amma Magi”, my new reality, pushing me to fulfill my Soul purpose and reason for this incarnation?



Last week I signed up for “Soul Enterprise”, a Heartstorm Course with Master Teacher Toni Petrinovich. (See Today I completed the course. My brief Soul-Life description is:


“As a Wayshower towards Enlightenment, I break through barriers to reach the Door ready to be opened for all mankind.”


So be it.



Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




Release No. 51

2nd September 2011




This evening I opened my computer to write some promotional information about Sunlight Network to use at a local Bazaar tomorrow where I will sell some second-hand books. Invariably I started to look through some old files, wondering what I have been saving.


As I came across this Newsletter from David Icke, dated 6th June 2010, it struck me how close his observations are to the various metaphysical study courses I have been doing with Toni Elizabeth Petrinovich over the last year. His Newsletter is copied in full below.


Please also check out "Summit 2012 Beyond Chaos" with Toni Elizabeth which takes place in St George, Utah, USA, over the period 16th - 18th September 2011:



Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


The David Icke Newsletter, June 6th 2010


... WELL ... IS ...

Hello all ...


For the first time I can remember - years and years and years - I have had a chill-out week and what a profound effect it has had upon me.

I have done little except write this and sit quietly looking into the eyes of the Infinite reality that is all around us, but which passes us by as we pursue the hectic world of gotta, gotta, gotta, must, must, must, need to, need to, need to.
My god, is that the time?? Must dash.

After all, we must 'succeed', right?

Deep breath ... and again ... aaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Phew! Peace, quiet, perspective.

The rush, the noise, the survival responses of the human mind, are barriers - calculated barriers - to the 'I' that we are. It lies beyond the trophies and trinkets of illusory 'success' and within the neglected hearts of everyone.

It costs nothing, indeed you cannot buy it. It asks nothing, indeed, you cannot hear it. The ultimate truth is there only to be felt, to be known.

Books and words can help you to see what isn't and what you are not. Only the heart can tell you, allow you to tell yourself, what is and what you are ...

How can books made of words tell you what is beyond all language? Only the language of Consciousness, the language of knowing and the known, can do that.

Books give you words and the words give you vibration, but only the heart can fly us beyond vibration to the Infinite silence and stillness where all possibility slumbers until imagination comes to call.

'Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.'

I beg to differ.

Know and there is nothing to find. Know and there are no doors to open.

The heart knows, the head thinks, and the world that we daily experience is ruled by the head, the left-brain 'mind', and thus we live amid ignorance, conflict, injustice and fear. Ignorance is the source of all.

How different it all would be if heart were our point of observation.

This is nothing new. This awareness has always been with us. It is only that, since the energetic Schism or distortion that I speak of, instigated by the predator race, so few humans have heard what is there to hear - or rather to feel, to know.

In the last couple of weeks, thanks to a great friend of mine, I have discovered the work of a man known in Persian as Mowlânâ and in the English-speaking world as 'Rumi'. He was a genius ahead of even this 'time' and yet he lived in the 13th century in what is now Afghanistan and Turkey.

How can someone 'know' in the 13th century what still all but a few choose not to know today? He opened his heart, and thus his mind, to the knowing that is always there, no matter what the 'time' or 'space', or the illusory point in 'history'.

Knowing is not a time, nor a place, it is an IS. It vibrates its magnificence, its Infinite Awareness beyond the confines of Mind - the realm of 'reason' - and so eludes the sleeping masses as they vibrate to a density that cannot open its door.

Rumi knew this. He wrote:

O incomparable Giver of life, cut reason loose at last!
Let it wander grey-eyed from vanity to vanity.
Shatter open my skull, pour in it the wine of madness!
Let me be mad, as You; mad with You, with us.
Beyond the sanity of fools is a burning desert
Where your sun is whirling in every atom:
Beloved, drag me there, let me roast in Perfection!

I have been saying for 20 years - not least from my own experience - that to be called crazy in a world of madness is merely confirmation of your sanity. As Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said: 'And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.'

It is the Mind of the Jew that kills Arab; the Mind of the Arab that kills Jew. It is the Mind of madness that kills anyone. It is the Mind of insanity that judges through colour, creed, religion or country. By definition, therefore, this world is mad, a collective insanity.

The antidote to the madness of Mind is the knowing of heart. It is what we call 'love', though no word exists, not even a vibration, which can capture the meaning of love in its Infinite, stillness and silence.

Mind thinks it knows love, but it is blind to its true immensity, numb to its music, its poetry, its All Knowing. Rumi wrote:

Those who don't feel this Love
pulling them like a river,

those who don't drink dawn
like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don't want to change, 

Let them sleep. 

This Love is beyond the study of theology,
that old trickery and hypocrisy.

If you want to improve your mind that way, 

Sleep on. 

I've given up on my brain.

I've torn the cloth to shreds

and thrown it away. 

If you're not completely naked,

wrap your beautiful robe of words
around you, 

And sleep.

We talk about the 'conscious' Mind when Mind without true Consciousness is unconscious. Most of this 'world' is unconscious as it - unconsciously - follows the programs of Mind believing them to be self-awareness and personal 'choice'. Yet it is only reaction to program, like a computer reading a disk.

Mind is the vehicle for Consciousness - but the 'car' has become also the driver.

The Mind sees only division, apartness, the need to compete and triumph in battle with the other 'parts'. Thus war is Mind, competition is Mind, injustice is Mind, even 'fighting for justice' is Mind.

Everywhere I scan my eyes from airport lounge to TV news I see Mind. The same Mind that destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria more than 15 hundred years ago and killed its inspiration, Hypatia, now invades Afghanistan and pepper-bombs Baghdad.

Human history is a record of Mind expressing its inglorious ignorance in the dead, the maimed and the oppressed. It is politics; it is religion; it is the illusion of race and creed and income bracket.

It is the frozen droplet floating like an iceberg of disconnected insanity bobbing on the Infinite ocean of Consciousness. Unfreeze the illusory solidity and we merge into what we are - the All That Is And Ever Can Be.

It calls to us through the heart, the intuition, and in the emptiness of the world of Mind. Rumi again ...

And the great British poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, put it like this:

The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean,
The winds of Heaven mix forever

With a sweet emotion;

Nothing in the world is single,

All things by a law divine

In one spirit meet and mingle -
Why not I with thine?

See the mountains kiss high Heaven

And the waves clasp one another;

No sister-flower would be forgiven

If it disdained its brother;

And the sunlight clasps the earth,

And the moonbeams kiss the sea -
What are all these kissings worth
If thou kiss not me?

The ironies of Mind are endless, for ignorance is the very womb of irony. That which suppresses is the same One that is suppressed, and so this world can truly be described as a Mind-game.

The predator race and its target population are One, divided only by the mutual ignorance that they are not. We are of a different vibration, but ultimately of the same universal heart.

It is just that some can hear its beat and some, temporarily, cannot.

What a joy it has been this week to step outside the armour, cast away the shield and smell the roses with a passion that knows that the fragrance is as much me as the smelling senses that decode it in my brain.

What a joy to cry with someone without fear, without embarrassment, without holding back, without concern for not 'keeping it together' or 'being a man'. I cried many times this week and I don't care who knows, as my heart opened to the sheer bliss of being alive, the bliss of 'being' in this world of incessant 'doing'.

The tears I cried were of joy, not sadness, as I watched a simple movie that depicted two hearts connecting with the music of forever across the chasm of Mind, and another in which a lady talked of the love that continued to span the dimensions after her husband had departed to vibrations anew.

I have always found that my tears of joy flow easier than those of sadness. There is so little joy in the world compared with sadness, fear and anxiety because humanity is entrapped in Mind at the expense of heart.

Heart is seen as silly, girls' stuff, a sign of weakness in the land of macho man, when, in fact, it is the power of the Universe and beyond Universe. It is the power of the One, the Infinite All Possibility from which all illusory 'form' is manifest.

Love is the very fabric of the Universe, the very fabric of existence and non-existence, for both are expressions of the All-Possible One.

And weak? Love is the power of the Universe. It does not do weakness, except sometimes at the knees. It Loves and thus will not walk past when the unloved lie begging in the streets.

Not just begging for money, for that is the least of humanity's poverty. Begging to be loved, to be acknowledged, to be truly alive, that is the greatest poverty that engulfs and enslaves both the financially poor and, perhaps even more so, those who worship money as their god, their very reason for being.

Love will not look the other way when injustice is placed before its perception. It will not run and hide when danger and consequence are the destiny of action. It does what it knows to be right - it knows no other way.

I have lived my life encased in vibrational armour to protect my heart from the world of Mind. Almost everyone saw the armour and thought that it was me. It was not, is not.

I thought I needed its solidity to repel the tide of evil, and perhaps I did while Mind was the master. But no more.

I need it not. And now it is gone.

What then is left, except to love forever?

David Icke

Copyright David Icke, 2010. All Rights Reserved.



Release No. 50

Monday 15th August, 2011


Tune in to 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination


I sat up at 5.30 am (Greek time) on Sunday morning watching live the opening ceremony of the World Congress on Illumination with Patricia Cota Robles which started on Saturday 13th August at 7.30 pm PDT in Arizona, USA.

Absolutely amazing and wonderful! You can watch it too and tune in live to the closing ceremony on Thursday 18th August. Click on this link and register:

During this period we are apparently receiving an unprecedented opportunity to weave our Light into this Global Activity of Light. In the words of Patricia Cota Robles: “Together we will pave the way for the patterns of perfection for our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love to be securely anchored in the physical plane of Earth.”

You are invited!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life




Release No. 49

1st August 2011


The following message was received today from Nancy Joy Hefron of Heartlights (




Amma Magi

Missionary of Life



Chaos is only energy waiting to be rearranged in order. 

This way of stating what we are experiencing now is very powerful and I am urged this week to ask all of you to remember that your thoughts empowered by your feelings draw to you everything you experience.  This is, of course, the law of attraction.  Yet it is my awareness that it is up to us conscious beings that know this and believe this to step up to the plate and walk our talk.  There is way too much talk of the pending economic “crises” and how it will affect us.  And, way too much concern and fear is vibrating from almost everyone drawing exactly what we don’t want to be created.

Put simply folks, it is time to become VERY conscious of your thoughts and feelings.  Not just sometimes when you are meditating but all the time!  A very prominent and wealthy man was asked how he was preparing for the looming economic crises and he replied simply.  “I choose not to participate.” No wonder he is wealthy. In other words, he doesn’t have his head in the sand.  He knows what is going on but he is consciously choosing to create a different reality and I and am quite sure he will.

As Barbara Hand Clow says in her wonderfully accurate book Catastrophobia, we have an ancient mind pattern in our cells that keeps creating catastrophes simply by continuing to dwell on them.  You know, you are what you think about.  We are NOT experiencing catastrophes.  We are experiencing chaos out of which we will create incredible new realities.

The problem with most of the protests going on is they are based on dualistic belief systems.  It is time to create a new kind of human voice coming together in harmony, joy and exhilaration. A protest by definition is an expression of objection.  Instead of objections all over the place, replace them with creations, the world as you chose to see and feel it.  That is the real shift…not poles and revolutions.  I have more to say in today’s video for those who chose to catch the magic.


Note: To watch her weekly video, click here:



Release No. 48

15th July, 2011


Guidance from Eileen Caddy

Cease clinging on to the old


How can you expect the best when you keep on clinging on to the second best? That is what is happening to the majority of mankind; one is afraid to let go of what one has in case of losing everything, and yet only when one is willing to lose everything can one hope to gain everything. Only when you empty a cup of stale water can you refill it again with pure crystal water. Only when you are emptied of all can you be refilled. Only when you cease clinging onto the old can you accept the new, something more wonderful. But you must be willing to step out fearlessly into the unknown with your hand in mine.

One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community

Spiritual community, education centre, ecovillage



Release No. 47


10th July, 2011


Spiritual education is an essential part of my work as Founder of Sunlight Network. By transmuting ignorance we can set ourselves FREE. On the subject of the much prophesied New Age, I would like to share a statement by my own Master, Dr George King:


The New Age will be built out of the courage and determination of strong-willed, spiritually-minded, undefeatable individuals.


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Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


Avoiding Deception and Disappointment

by Owen Waters


As a spiritual seeker, you have probably come across channeled material over the years. Some of it can be very helpful. Some of it can be mundane. Some of it can even be, like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, intended to divert you from your spiritual aspirations.

As a researcher in metaphysical science since 1963, I’ve always been interested when a promising new psychic or channel comes on the scene. The good ones can be a source of new ideas and understanding, while the not-so-good ones are, hopefully, working on improving their skills.

Being an independent-minded inner researcher, I was never personally drawn to guides or to being a channel myself, but I always perked up and investigated when a promising new source of information came along.

The term channeler refers to the person or persons giving the message, while the channel is the one receiving it and relaying it to the people who are listening. While the channel may be honest and sincere, the channeler can actually be an imposter who claims to be much more enlightened than they really are. In this case, the imposter effectively wastes your time with inane rhetoric until your sense of discernment comes into play.

Discernment is the saving grace in evaluating all sources of information, whether that information comes out of the mouth of a channel, a medical person, or a politician. Politicians are easy to evaluate. As the old saying goes; “How do you tell when a politician is lying?” Answer: “Their lips are moving!”

Medical opinions are fairly easy to evaluate. Do you want a quick fix or do you want your natural health back? Doctors typically promote medications as a quick fix for symptoms, even though the underlying disease will keep getting worse. Alternatives such as essential oils restore health, provided the person is willing to take responsibility for their own health and make any necessary changes.

Discerning the validity of channeled information is more difficult. Using intellect alone, it can take an hour or more of listening to a source before you realize that they are not who they say they are and that, therefore, their information is fabricated and deceptive.

The shortcut to evaluating information sources is discernment through intuition, not intellect. Just ask your inner self if this information source is helpful and reliable, then watch for inner feelings one way or another. Be prepared for ideas that come from the channel which may entice you away from your inner conviction. If they say that world peace will dawn by tomorrow at the latest, you might think “How wonderful!” and be swayed away from an inner feeling that the information is not to be trusted.

There is also another category of imposter, and one which I find far more disturbing. I call these decoy channelers, because their aim is to divert spiritual seekers from their paths. The deeper you dig into the motives of decoy channelers, the more disturbing the picture becomes.

Decoy channelers attract spiritual seekers, feed them the kind of information that they want to hear, and then tell them, for example, that the world is going to transform into peace, love and light on a particular date in the near future. Then, along comes the long-awaited and intensely-anticipated date and the seekers are left with the biggest possible sense of disappointment. Suddenly, the seekers’ spiritual yearnings fall under a heavy case of disillusionment.

I have seen decoy channeling happen with Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Then, again in 2000, with the new millennium. Now, it’s happening with 2012. Each time, the hopes and aspirations of sincere spiritual seekers are betrayed and horribly dashed by these intentionally fake predictions.

At this point in time, it is clear that 2012 will not be the mass ascension date. Your spiritual transformation does need to be worked on to ensure your readiness, but the critical mass of inspiration that will portend The Shift is still some years away. 2012 is a cosmic turning point where the old cycles close down and a new era of positive, new cycles begins. After 2012, spiritual progress will become noticeably easier with each passing year.

Decoy channelers often raise unrealistic hopes by saying that everything you had hoped for is just around the corner. The fact that they deliberately plan to dash the hopes of decent, good-hearted people is hard to understand from our perspective but, when you understand their motivation, you will see behind the facade. This information is disturbing, but the point of sharing it with you is so that you can more easily recognize deliberate deception when you see it.

Think of people with the opposite mentality of yours. What you like, they dislike, and vice versa. The spiritual light that is emerging in these days of transformation is as repulsive to these decoy channelers as an atmosphere of intense cruelty is to you or me. They see themselves as fighting against the increasing spiritual light that is now encroaching into their dark reality in the lower astral realms. They simply don’t want to face the fact that such campaigns are futile because the transformation is a cosmic event and therefore greater than any force that exists on any individual planet.

Decoy channelers can be recognized by their typical pattern of behavior.

1. They promise a transformed world of peace and light very soon, creating great anticipation for the near future.

2. They tell you that you don’t need to do anything to make it happen. They will suggest that this heaven on earth with be created without anyone having to do anything to create it. In truth, even the ascended earth will need action by everyone to create new systems of cooperation and mutual support. We are the builders and creators of a new reality, not disempowered armchair-sitters! Change requires action. That’s the way the universe is designed. When they try to convince you to do nothing, they expose their true motivation.

3. They often add a little paranoia to the mix by including a smattering of ‘secret plots’ by overwhelming powers – usually the government – who are supposedly poised to act against you. This creates a dependent psychology of victimhood and, with it, a need to keep hearing more of the same information. In truth, there is no power ‘out there.’ Your reality and your power is all within you. You can only become a victim to something if, at some level, you agree to partake in such action. Don’t ever let anyone try to convince you that you are powerless. The truth is quite the opposite.

To avoid possible diversion by decoy channelers, develop discernment, and do it the easy way: Look within to your intuition to evaluate every new source of information.

Become a builder of a better world by making spiritual growth your number one priority.

Spiritual service is the most rapid balanced path to your own spiritual enlightenment. To this end, make the time each and every day for meditation to gain personal transformation and then for world healing to spread your light and be of service to humanity.

The historic harvest of souls is now. Be an active part of the spiritual transformation of the world and help everyone make it through The Shift.

To learn more about how to heal the world and make it a better place, see my book, Spirituality Made Simple, which is available in paperback or as a downloadable e-book:


Release No. 46

8th July, 2011

Gaia the Great!
by Owen Waters

You may wonder why human consciousness suddenly started to rise in frequency in the 1960’s. People started to question the old ways of corruption and conflict and many began searching for spiritual answers in the teachings of the East. The actual start date of this renaissance in human consciousness was July 8th, 1964.

On that day in 1964, the Mother Earth was imbued with an enormous amount of cosmic energy. Now, because she has billions of human beings under her care and protection, she chose to store this cosmic energy within her body and then release it gradually over an extended period of time so that we could adapt to it. For the sake of humanity, she metered out this uplifting cosmic energy in a way that enabled us to adapt to higher frequencies in a balanced fashion. She could see that we needed to be able to upgrade our consciousness in preparation for the new, positive cycles that would begin to unfold after 2012.

Gaia, the Mother Earth, is a highly advanced soul based in seventh density existence. She maintains bodies as spheres of consciousness in fifth and sixth density as well as physical bodies in fourth density and our third density realm. At our physical level, her body seems tiny in the vast blackness of space and yet, at her soul level, the picture is very different. Gone is the blackness of space. There, she is a shining jewel in the solid body of light that fills our solar system.

Long ago, when mankind needed a home in space, Gaia offered to hold back her spiritual light so that our human race could exist comfortably upon her back at our own level of consciousness.

Friday, July the 8th is the ideal day to remember the greatness and compassion of this goddess of light, and to express our deep-felt gratitude for the home that she selflessly provides us.

Make the time to go within, connect with the spiritual soul of Gaia and send her your love, light, and gratitude.

Breathe in universal life energy with each inbreath. On each outbreath, send your love, light, and gratitude as a beam of white light from your heart into the heart of the Mother Earth. Take the time to make the connection well and you will be surprised at the quality of uplifting energy that comes back to you from the Mother Earth.

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Owen Waters is the author of Love, Light Laughter: The New Spirituality, which is available both as a paperback and a downloadable e-book, at:


Release No. 45

24th June, 2011


A special gift from Patricia Diana Cota-Robles – please enjoy!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life



A Healing Gift for Humanity

June 21, 2011, Solstice

Precious Hearts, I would like to share with you information about a sacred and wondrous musical gift that is being given to Humanity. The Divine Intent of this gift is to assist each of us through the physical challenges we are experiencing as we move through this auspicious time. Please read these words with an open heart and an open mind. We have been longing for the time when Heaven and Earth would come together to assist us in our endeavors to transform ourselves and this planet. This is that moment.

I would like to share a little background about this musical gift. 2011 began with an incredible influx of Light. On December 21, 2010, we experienced the Solstice and a very powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The synchronicity of these two events occurring at the same time had happened only one other time in the past 2,000 years. That Lunar Eclipse took place within two degrees of the Galactic Center which opened a mighty portal of Light from the Core of Creation into the Center of the Earth. The Light of God that poured through that portal initiated incomparable pivotal changes for all Life evolving on this planet. Once the portal was opened, the Light of God built in momentum until the New Moon Solar Eclipse which took place on January 4, 2011. During that monumental influx of Light, Lightworkers around the world joined hearts with the Company of Heaven and cocreated a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love. The powerful Light that bathed the planet during that two week period catapulted every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth further up the Spiral of Evolution. This paved the way for a God Victorious 2011 which is a year that the Beings of Light have heralded as “The Transfiguring Year of Rebirth and Renewal.”

On Christmas Day, in the midst of that incredibly powerful influx of Light, our beloved son Joao got sick. On December 29, 2010, he passed away from complications with pneumonia. Joao was 42 years old. He left behind his wife and three beautiful sons. Since his transition, Joao has shared with his Father and me that his time on Earth was complete. He said that he was able to move directly into the Light and that he is now working with Archangel Michael and the Legions of Healing. He said that he will be able to “Gift” Humanity in our service to the Light in ways that he could not accomplish from the physical plane.

When Frederic Delarue, a wonderful French musician, received my e-mail announcing our son's transition into the Light, he said he felt very connect to Joao's soul. Frederic said that he knew Joao was trying to connect to with him and that he needed to be at Joao's Celebration of Life ceremony, which took place on January 8, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona.

Once Frederic made the heart commitment to attend the service in Tucson, Joao began communicating with him. Joao asked Frederic if he would accept the responsibility of receiving a musical transmission that would be a legacy for his family. Frederic agreed to Joao's request without knowing any of the specifics about the music. After Frederic returned from Joao's Celebration of Life ceremony, Joao began to reveal to Frederic just what this music would be, a Healing Gift for Humanity.

When Frederic Delarue was 12 years old he had a near death experience after which he realized he was given an amazing gift of music. When Frederic was 13 years old the Angelic Music of the Spheres began flowing through his hands as he played people’s soul songs. He just quieted himself, moved his own consciousness aside, and the music of the person’s soul flowed through his hands.

For the next few months after Joao's transition, Frederic said that Joao would come to him and tell him some things about the music and how it was to be distributed. Then, just before Easter, Frederic awoke with a powerful heart prompting to go to France immediately, so he made arrangements and flew to France. During the month of May while he was in France, he went to Rennes-le-Chateau on several occasions. Rennes-le-Chateau is a sacred focus of Mary Magdalene, who is at this time working with Mother Mary and all of the Feminine Aspects of our Father-Mother God to bring to the consciousness of the world the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God, or as we have often referred to this Aspect of Deity, the Holy Spirit. Frederic said that when he sat in the church and contemplated the Presence of Mary Magdalene, he had a miraculous experience that transformed his life. He returned home a different person. He knew that his experience with Mary Magdalene was a necessary factor in preparing him to receive Joao’s gift of healing music for Humanity.

During the month of May, while this initiation was occurring for Frederic in France, Mother Mary was assisting every one of us in a miraculous way. Over 40 years ago Mother Mary told us that prior to Humanity’s embodiment this time she had made a covenant with every man, woman, and child on Earth. She said that in the not too distant future, when Humanity was open and receptive to the influx of Divine Love from our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, she would draw us into her Temple of the Immaculate Heart and assist our I AM Presence to expand the Threefold Flame in our heart to its original size. She said that this would greatly enhance our ability to receive and assimilate the frequencies of Divine Love from our Mother God and the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God's Infinite Perfection.

The Threefold Flame in our heart originally enveloped our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. It was the perfect balance of our Father God’s Blue Flame of Power, our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love, and the Son and Daughter of God’s Yellow-gold Flame of Wisdom. It was the true reflection of the Holy Trinity. When we fell from Grace we closed our hearts so we would not feel so much pain. This blocked the portal through which our Mother God’s Love entered the world. This caused our Threefold Flame to become imbalanced, which caused us to lose the awareness of our Mother God. Our Threefold Flame eventually shrunk to what we now refer to as the “spark of Divinity” in our hearts. Well, now that we have cocreated a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love everything has changed!

This May as we each slept at night, our I AM Presence escorted us into Beloved Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart in the Inner Planes. Within her focus of Light, Mother Mary helped our I AM Presence to expand the Threefold Flame in our heart to its original intensity. This is the fulfillment of the covenant Mother Mary made with each one of us prior to this embodiment.

On June 10th, Frederic sent me an e-mail and said that he wanted to talk to me about Joao’s music. I did not know anything about Frederic’s trip to France and he did not know anything about the gift that Mother Mary was giving to Humanity during the month of May. We talked about those things and he said that since he returned from France, Joao would not leave him alone about the music. He said Joao seemed to feel that there was now an urgency to make this music available to the world. Frederic asked me to ask Joao about the music to be sure that the message he was receiving was correct.

That night I asked Joao about the music and Frederic’s information. Joao said that all was in readiness, and that it was time for this music to be made available to the world. He said for me to let Frederic know that Sunday, June 12th was Pentecost, the day that is celebrated as the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, and that there would be a greatly amplified influx of our Mother God’s Divine Love on that day. Joao gave me a quote to include with the music that he would play through Frederic’s hands. This is the title of the music followed by Joao's quote:


A Healing Gift for Humanity

Celestial Music from Joao Cota-Robles

through Frederic Delarue


“The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced.

“This sacred music is compatible and works in harmony with every healing modality or medical treatment a person may choose to experience. The music resonates with an additional blessing for everyone who is dealing with any form of cancer.

This music is a gift from On High and it is never to be bought or sold. Please share this information with everyone you feel would benefit from this sacred gift of Celestial Music.”  

Joao Cota-Robles


The next morning Frederic e-mailed me and said, “This is the day.” It was Pentecost. Frederic said that early that morning Dr. Florence Phillips, who was the only Minister to allow him to do his work with the Angelic Music of the Spheres without conditions, passed away from cancer after being in a deep coma.

Right after I received the e-mail from Frederic Joao's Dad called me into the kitchen to see a magnificent White Dove that had flown into our garden. We have lived in our home for 45 years and we have never seen a White Dove in our garden.

Frederic prepared his equipment and turned everything on so that he would be ready. When the time was right, Mary Magdalene expanded her luminous Presence and held Frederic and Joao in the embrace of her radiant Light as Joao played his healing music through Frederic’s hands.

Joao said this music is encoded with frequencies of healing that Humanity has not been able to reach until now. This is being made possible because of the expansion of Humanity’s Threefold Flame, the return of our Mother God, and her monumental influx of Transfiguring Divine Love. He said for Frederic and me to make the highest possible resolution of the music available to Humanity. Otherwise, some of the new healing tones might be missed.

Joao said the Company of Heaven is going to help anyone who wants the music to have access to it through his or her own computer or through the computer of someone they know. He said all is in Divine Order; all Frederic and I need to do is make the music available through the highest possible resolution for anyone who wants to experience it.

The complete CD of “Musical Rapture” is 62 minutes long. You may download this sacred music for FREE from my website:  

The FREE mp3 download is also available on Frederic Delarue's website:

To protect the integrity of this Celestial Music, it has been copyrighted in Frederic Delarue's name and all rights are reserved. The music is never to be bought or sold.

We have also produced a 15-minute YouTube video of the music, so you can see what a sample of it sounds like and you can let the members of your family and friends who you feel may be interested in this Healing Gift for Humanity know about the music.
If this link does not work, please copy it and paste it into your browser.

It is not by chance that this Gift of Healing Music is being given to Humanity at this time.

Remember, we are in the midst of one of the most powerful influxes of Light we have ever experienced. This summer the Company of Heaven is standing in readiness awaiting the invitation to intervene in our lives. Powerful celestial alignments are occurring that will help us release and let go of the behavior patterns that have kept us stuck in our dysfunctional human miscreations. This is an incredibly powerful and sacred time. This month we will experience three eclipses and the June Solstice, all of which will provide unique opportunities for Humanity to add to the Light of the world as we pave the way for the unprecedented influx of Divine Love that will be secured in the physical plane through every person's Heart Flame, in August 13-18, 2011. For details about this event you can go to my website and click on the box that says 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination.

Each of these alignments will build on the previous influx of Light which will catapult the Earth and ALL her Life further up the Spiral of Evolution. This will move us a quantum leap toward our ultimate goal of Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.

June 1, 2011 - New Moon Solar Eclipse

June 15, 2011 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

June 21, 2011 – Solstice

July 1, 2011 - New Moon Solar Eclipse

August 13-18, 2011 - Securing Humanity's newly created Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love in the physical plane of Earth through every person's newly expanded Heart Flame.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization                 


Release No. 44

12th June 2011

So timely. Thank you Owen Waters of “Infinite Being” for this information.

Amma Magi

Left Behind
by Owen Waters

Last week, we asked the question, “What if some people simply don’t want to go through The Shift and leave their old lifestyle behind?” What if they prefer to stay immersed in “them against us” dramas or even “me against the world” dramas?

Humanity was created so that we can find our way back home to the source from which we originally came. God didn’t just create humanity and leave us to fend for ourselves. There is a cosmic plan for the enlightenment of humanity and, true to our gift of self-determination, no one is forced to progress any faster than they choose.

The Shift isn’t just about the planet Earth. Our planet, our solar system, and our section of the universe are about to make a quantum jump in frequency. There will come a mass ascension day when the Earth will rise in vibration and take with her all who are ready to function in heart-centered consciousness.

That is the requirement – ready for heart-centered consciousness – and, surprising to some, you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to make the grade! A caring person who supports others with little thought for themselves is a heart-centered person. A person who promotes ecology out of care for the Earth is also expressing unselfish, unconditional love when they don’t expect anything particular in return for their efforts and concerns.

On the scale of human consciousness, caring for others is so much bigger than working for personal gain.

There is no Judgment Day where God will look at you and make a decision. You make the decision and the process is automatic. If you’re ready when the big day comes, you will want to go with the inspiring, uplifting energies and nothing will hold you back.

Those, on the other hand, who prefer to stay in their present level of consciousness and decide against rising to the frequency of the ascended Earth will eventually need alternative accommodation. This section of the universe will no longer be available for the reincarnation of their frequency band of consciousness, so another world had to be found for their future use. This is not new information. In the early 1970’s, I became aware of information that came from the spiritual hierarchy about a new planet which, for that very purpose, was being prepared for human habitation.

The upcoming Shift of the ages was foreseen thousands of years ago by Jesus when he pointed out how it will be on that mass ascension day. When the time comes, he said, it will be as if two people are side-by-side and “one shall be taken and the other left behind.”

He actually saw people moving up into a higher realm of existence while those not ready would stay behind in their current realm of existence. The fishermen and farmers of his time weren’t ready to hear about how this would be practically achieved but, today, we are more able to wrap our heads around such concepts as parallel worlds.

You will exist in an ascended version of your physical world while those left behind will continue to exist in their version of the world. To them, their world will continue to be the same, but with a whole lot of people missing. To you, your world will be like it was, yet vibrating at a higher physical frequency; and, likewise, there’ll be a whole lot of people missing.

Consider this impending ascension to a lighter form as a major step in God’s cosmic plan for the enlightenment of humanity. Think of it as a harvest of souls, where everything you do to help others make it through The Shift will be forever enshrined in the records of life as golden acts of service to others.

This is the opportunity that spiritual souls have waited lifetimes to experience.

It doesn’t matter whether people shift into heart-centered consciousness while physically incarnate or, should they have passed on from this life, experience its parallel version in the afterlife. The point is to be ready and to help as many others as you can to make it through to the new heaven on earth.

Next week, we’ll see some glimpses into life on the ascended earth and on the new planet, as revealed by a research project where hundreds of people viewed their own future lives!

Feel free to forward this email to friends who will find it helpful and encourage them to sign up for the newsletter to hear more news about the upcoming mass ascension of The Shift.

Owen Waters is the author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, which is available as a book or downloadable e-book, at:

Release No. 43

4th May, 2011


Sunlight Network distributes information of interest. Here we share part of a message received on 27th April 2011: The Falcon and Crocodile Order for Healing Duality - Kom Ombo, Temple of Horus and Sobek, Egypt. Through Aluna Joy - March 16, 2011".

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Amma Magi




The following is the 6th message that we received in Egypt. You can find other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Immortals, Horus, the Hathors, and other Star Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

(We arrived at Kom Ombo in the early morning. Once again, the site was empty with the exception of some local vendors. This Temple is dedicated to 2 deities/gods. The first is Horus (the falcon), the son of Isis and Osiris, and the supreme victor over darkness. The second is Sobek (the alligator God) who had the ability to undo evil and cure ills. There are 2 entrances and chambers in this Temple. Half of our group went into one chamber and the other half went in the other. In each chamber there is a seed / heart stone. Once entering the core section of the Temple, you can see a wall, separating the two chambers is a niche wide enough to stand in. From this niche to the rear of the Temple, there is an underground channel connecting the two chambers. On either side of this channel, there are two, large granite heart stones about chest high. Each person in our group followed their intuition and surrounded the stone that called to them. Several people also found the center section to be the place that resonated with them, and thus they held space there.)

The message begins . . .

This place is about honoring and healing the duality inside of us . . . The light and the dark . . . The good and the bad . . . All our opposite sides. We have two seed / heart stones in this Temple. It is the only place that I know that has two heart stones. This site honored duality, but it also was a site that helped to bring duality back into unity and harmony. The temple was built with a doorway that connected the two heart chambers. This way we can honor both sides of ourselves and bring them back into harmony. In the center, there is a tunnel that goes up in the wall between these two chambers. It is this center part that brings energy from the sky, down to earth, bringing this temple into perfect alignment. This energy circulates in an infinity pattern . . . like the number eight (8). So the Temple, all by itself, brings harmony to duality.


So we asked the guides, guardians and Angels of light that work with this temple, and the higher selves within us, to bring all things that are out of sync with nature and harmony inside of us back into balance. We ask that all the things that we struggle with, all the negative egos we wrestle with, to be brought back into alignment with our higher selves (with your permission as always). I can actually see energy coming from these two stones, coming up through the center and going up this tunnel of light up into the sky.

I was called to ask a question . . . "If we wanted to bring things back into balance, why wasn't there a way to touch both stones at the same time?" I thought that it was odd that they didn't do it that way, because in my mind, you would think that you would want to be able to touch both stones. But they said we needed to honor each side separately, because if we could touch both at the same time, we would probably ignore some of the things that we needed to heal on one side or the other. Does that make sense? It is really hard to face our dark sides. It is also hard to accept our light too. So the two heart stones represent the duality, and it does not matter which stone you work with . . . just use your heart. This site is about honoring and really facing the monsters inside of you, or the perceived illnesses and conflicts inside of you, and bringing them back into balance.

Now they are showing me that alchemists used to come here also and work on balancing the Earth and the heavens. In the past, there was a point in time where they had to work really hard to keep Earth alive as it was going through its dark cycles. They were keeping the planet alive until we could wake up in this new age that we are coming into. We have grown into the light and the power of who we are. Their work is done now. Now the work to be done is about working on holding the energy within ourselves . . . within our hearts. We do this because we are the cornerstones for a new world; our hearts are becoming cornerstones of light right now.

The alchemists, the ones that worked with balancing the light, had to keep planet alive. It was a big job. But now at this time it is about bringing this alignment . . . the two halves of the heart, the two lungs, the two ears, the two eyes, the two halves of the brain . . . down into the center of our hearts and holding this cornerstone within us. They say that we have moved beyond a small core of awakened beings that have been holding the light on the planet, and keeping the planet from total destruction. Now masses of light workers are holding this vision and balance. The weight is being lifted off of those that had to carry this heavy burden for so long. Now instead of a few hundred or maybe a few thousand holding the balance, there are millions on the planet holding the higher vision of unity for this planet. We are seeing Paradise returned. We are holding this vision.




It is our job, now as humanity is waking up, to just hold a higher vision, because when we hold the higher vision, the universe has to comply. The universe will only give us what we hold in our hearts and what we believe and what our belief system is. If our belief system is negative, we will create more of this negative. If we keep holding a higher vision in our hearts, this WILL come to pass. It has to. Example . . We are all here in Egypt. We held the higher vision to be here. The outer world made it look like we might not be able to come, but our inner world never gave up the vision. Every one of us held that vision. So you see anything is possible. We have already had a divine confirmation inside of our hearts. Our DNA is morphing around this new law of nature . . . that as long as we hold the vision, we can have paradise again. The universe is bound by natural law to morph around us. The universe is only acting upon our reaction and motivation. So the more we hold peace, joy, love and honor of our processes, it gives everybody on this planet permission to do exactly the same thing.



This site honors the whole being; not just the spiritual side, but also the human side as well. So it is okay that you don't feel good, or that you are happy. It does not matter because we are neutral, unified and harmonized. This is the part that we tend to struggle with, because we have worked so hard to be connected, and are so attached to our spiritual side, that when the human side comes roaring up and does something ridiculous, we get critical of ourselves saying "We knew better . . . we could have done better." This site honors both of these sides. So what these messengers are telling us is to honor all the places inside of us. To honor the places where we don't feel so good about ourselves, and the places we feel absolutely brilliant about. Because when we honor and acknowledge all sides, it allows us to find our center. It brings us back into balance. This is a human journey of being from the sky, but being in a human body too. Living on the Earth at this time of great transformation is an honor and a gift. We are at the place where 10,000 years ago most of us had to escape or flee, or not make it altogether. We are going to have a different outcome this time. This time they say we are victorious. We are. We have learned. We have evolved.


Aluna Joy Yaxk’in is an author, guide, alternative historian, ordained minister, and sacred site essence formulator. Her down to earth approach in life encourages others to recognize their own divinity. Her work has been influenced by a life-long relationship with the Star Elders amplified by a series of shamanic experiences. Aluna is considered an Inca Qawaq, clairvoyant, and modern mystic. Aluna simply considers herself a Spiritual Archaeologist using her gifts to read her clients and the ancient history of sacred sites.


Copyright © 2011 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA



Release No. 42

17th March, 2011


This time I share with you part of a weekly Newsletter from Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, my MetayoU Teacher. To subscribe please go to

Amma Magi

You Are Incredibly Unique

Dear Amma,

I know the recent Japanese earthquake and its results have brought everyone to attention.  Not only does your animal instinct come to the fore, your inner knowing shifts and rearranges its perception dependent upon your belief system.  I am sending out this newsletter early this week to assist you with the links in the Personal Reflection portion at the bottom of this newsletter.

Much of the news is confusing causing your mind to race looking for logical answers and explanations.  In cases like these, it comes up empty.  Then it shifts to wanting to control the impact of effects upon you, your family and friends and then the environment.

Since transformation means change and it is to the transformative process you look as you learn to realign your beliefs and perceptions, it is wise to take a breath and return to the sense of congruity and coherence that is your natural state.  The earth is making a statement.  She says, "I am shifting.  I am changing.  The alterations to my body affect you because you live within my body."

If you allow yourself to remain at peace, calm and in harmony with the ebb and flow of the planet's natural forces, you will remain heart-centered within the profundity of this time in our continuum.  Birth is very messy.


Personal reflection:

While you are reading this newsletter, there is much news circling the globe regarding how much radiation is coming out of the nuclear reactors in Japan.  Physically, there are a couple of precautions you can take that assist your biology in working with nuclear radiation - potassium iodide and kelp.  Since potassium iodide does have some drawbacks, we are ingesting kelp powder as a precautionary measure.  There is a host of information on the Internet about both of these if you wish more details.

Two websites you will find helpful are:  Realtime Radiation Map and Black Cat Systems.  If you have not already found access to these two sites, a read of their descriptions is self-explanatory.

Having said that and leading you in a physiological direction, I would like to add that your coherent energy field is your most important tool in any moment of potential distress.  Practicing staying in your heart, breathing easily and staying focused in the present moment will do much to assist any anxiety you may feel.

I place great emphasis on remembering that I am God in form and that every experience in my life is Source sourcing Itself.  The significance placed upon events and the outcome of them is always subjective and strictly personal to each individual.  It is how Source experiences Its ever-expanding awareness of Itself.

Now is the time that has been spoken of and awaited.  It is a birthing of a new paradigm ~ an entirely new and (at this moment) incomprehensible way of living.  It is the time to breathe and ride the waves of the labor process.  It is not a time for fear.  Feel free to email me if you are having difficulty maintaining your heart and soul-centered Presence.  I am happy to remind you to take another breath.

You are loved in the One Heart,

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h 



Release No. 41

14th March, 2011

Here's another important message I wish to pass on. Owen Waters writes: "Your greatest opportunity for spiritual growth occurs, paradoxically, when catastrophe strikes." Now is the time for action!

Amma Magi

Today’s Key to Spiritual Growth

by Owen Waters


The heart-centered consciousness of the New Reality includes an expanded viewpoint of the world; one which encourages service to others.

The emerging theme today is about more than social responsibility or supporting the general good. It’s about how much you can help others through your efforts.

When it comes to spiritual growth, the same expanded viewpoint applies. The key to spiritual progress today is not retreating into a cave to find enlightenment, but giving active spiritual service. Today, spiritual progress is to be found in the noise and clatter of a world caught up in the turmoil of rapid change.

Your greatest opportunity for spiritual growth occurs, paradoxically, when catastrophe strikes. No matter where it strikes, you can send positive energy to change the energy of the situation and bring relief and healing.

If you are a spiritual healer, you already know how to do this. If you are a person who prays for others, you already know how to do this. If you are a person who creates better realities through the power of visualization, you already know how to do this. Sending healing energy to a world in crisis is something that every spiritual person can do.

You can make a difference. You can alleviate suffering. To do so is perfectly in keeping with the style of the New Reality. While general service to others is the key to general success in these days, service of a spiritual nature is the key to rapid and balanced spiritual growth.

You CAN heal the world, make it a better place, and, at the same time, advance your own spiritual growth. The massive earthquake in Japan provides an opportunity to bring desperately-needed healing energy into this, the darkest hour of those affected.

For this, I recommend using the World Healing Technique, which is based on a method I learned all the way back in 1972. I have never yet found a more powerful or effective way to bring healing to places in crisis:

Owen Waters is the author of Spirituality Made Simple, which is available both as a paperback and a downloadable e-book, at:


Release No. 40

14th January 2011


The following message is so important that I will copy it in full.

Amma Magi


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 

Precious Hearts, a monumental shift is taking place at this moment that transcends the perception of our conscious minds. Please go within to the deepest recesses of your heart and read these words from that sacred space where Divine Intelligence prevails. We are being called, on behalf of Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth, to release the greatest expression of Divine Love we have ever experienced. This very moment, focus your attention on the person you Love the most in this world. Tangibly feel your Love flowing through your Heart Flame into the Heart Flame of your Loved One. Now, feel your Love expanding and expanding until it envelops every particle of Life on Earth. Ask the Presence of God pulsating within your heart to increase this expression of Divine Love daily and hourly with every breath you take from this moment forth.

On Saturday, January 8, 2011, which numerically was an 11:11 day, we held a Celebration of Life Service for my beloved son Joao who passed away unexpectedly on December 29, 2010. The service was held at Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Tucson, Arizona at 10:00 a.m. There was an overflow crowd of over 700 people physically present and tens of thousands of people all over the world joining with us in consciousness to send their Love and support.

At 10:10 a.m., during the exact moment that Tucson was being flooded with Love and support from all over the world, an unprecedented act of violence took place which took the lives of six people and seriously wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and eleven other people. Those who were killed included a Federal Judge and a nine year old girl who was born on September 11, 2001.

The focus of the world instantaneously turned to Tucson, and people everywhere began invoking the Light and praying for healing and comfort for the people involved. This outpouring of Love and Compassion created a powerful forcefield of Light that enveloped the planet and paved the way for a shift of consciousness that has the potential of lifting Humanity into a Higher Order of Unity Consciousness and Oneness than we have previously experienced. The success of this opportunity is up to us. Let’s all accept responsibility for being the Open Door for a perpetual influx of Divine Love. Let’s all hold the sacred space for Humanity to remember the Oneness of ALL Life.

The banner for the memorial service that was held in Tucson on January 12th in honor of those who lost their lives stated, “Together We Thrive.” During that event, President Obama and many other dignitaries who had come to Tucson for the service expressed the need for all of us to set aside our differences and for us to cocreate a new level of civil communication and interaction. It was expressed that it is time for us to reaffirm our commitment to each other and for us to build a more sensible and caring world. We were all asked to unite in a mission of recovery, and to honor the fallen by going forward in ways that heal and do not wound.

President Obama said, “What matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame, but how well we have Loved.”

We must all strive to be better people in our private lives, better friends, better coworkers, better neighbors. We cannot use this tragedy as one more excuse to tear each other down. Instead we must use this tragedy as a catalyst to catapult us into a Higher Order of Being. We must align our values with our actions. If we do this, the lives of those who died will not be in vain.

My Faith in your ability to accomplish this mighty feat is beyond measure. I Love you, and I Trust you. Listen to the Divinity within your heart and you will know how to God Victoriously accomplish your facet of this Divine Mission. Be at Peace. Know that when we work together, Victory is Ours!

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization               


RELEASE NOs. 38-39



Sunday 12th December 2010


This morning frost. First time for seven years. Temperatures don’t get that low here. Glorious day with sunshine, clear blue sky and crisp air. By afternoon we had + 12 degrees C.


What is really going on in my life? Not just everyday events. Is something shifting? I usually follow routines although I prefer to call them voluntary discipline. I just try to open my eyes and heart a bit more each day.


This morning’s walk with my dog Julius ended up all the way to Stoupa where I watched people setting up for an all-day event, a Gaia Fest. It is a fund-raising campaign for a local/private fire brigade. I try not to be judgmental and regard it as a people’s festival with a Christmas spirit. By the end of the walk I started to strip off my many layers of winter clothing, a long-sleeved vest under my green waterproof jacket, my scarf, knitted gloves and woolly hat.


The only urge for a quick return home was my hunger. Time for a late breakfast. Not my usual yoghurt followed by coffee. Instead I made tea and egg mayonnaise sandwiches. Felt eager to continue the weekly Meta yoU lessons. I usually file my work on a Saturday but realized that there was more to it than I thought. When I read through the replies to a question sheet I had completed a couple of days ago I discovered I was supposed to re-read an e-book of some 36 pages and make notes. Got to page 12 last night, underlining important passages but I did not make any personal notes. It seems silly to rush through the rest of the text, writing notes just to be ready in time and submit my work. I am in a learning curve that is also changing my whole outlook on life and the whole universe. These things cannot be rushed. In the end I didn’t even start, or rather continue where I left off last night. Nothing got done. I just felt sleepy. Realized it was time to return to the Gaia Fest on the beach as the local choir was going to sing Christmas carols at 1.30 pm. My intention was to stay just for the singing and then return home to continue my home work.


The gift of the day was the afternoon I spent down on Stoupa beach. It was a glorious afternoon with the sun’s rays warming us all from a chilly wind.


Personnel from the local fire brigade in Kalamata, our nearby town, were present together with volunteer rescue workers and their vehicles lined up on the beach behind us. A row of tables selling Christmas goodies, edible and non-edible, were lining the street. People of all ages were milling around in the sunshine, children playing on the beach, a stage with live music for entertainment.  A local television station filmed the whole event and interviewed people. It really was a People’s Festival. Everyone enjoying themselves, meeting up with friends.


As I reconnected with old acquaintances I had not seen for many years, exchanging telephone numbers and promising to get in touch, I began to realize how much I enjoyed this event. I started to look at people as bundles of light and joy. The music playing made everyone happy and bouncy. People were dancing in the street. I started to think of wavelengths, frequencies, vibrations and the whole gamut of scientific expressions I am re-learning as I study Meta yoU. By the way, as I turned on the TV while having breakfast this morning I was surprised to see a scientific program talking about the discovery of the atom, presenting various scientists like Albert Einstein and explaining certain scientific phenomena. It was like a school lesson supplementing my “university studies” with Toni.


At the end of the day, as I am writing this, I feel that I am beginning to shift. Not only today but events of the last few weeks and months are showing me a pattern.


In particular I am realizing more and more the significance of breathing and the effect the breath has on me.


I am also realizing how music affects me and how much I enjoy certain music. It makes me come alive.


Most of all I am realizing what people really mean to my life. Today I opened my heart to everyone I met, feeling such joy and elation as we all shared a beautiful experience in a most beautiful place in the sunshine. Stoupa is one of the most beautiful places here in Mani.




Monday 13th December, 2010


Last night before I went to bed I stepped out on my terrace to look at the stars. The air was crisp, making the stars twinkle even more clearly in the cold air. Not a cloud in sight. (I had measured the temperature a couple of hours earlier and it was +7 C at 21.30). At 4 o’clock in the morning I woke up and heard rain. Wonderful! We have had several weeks without rain and are getting desperate.


I awoke late. Time was already half past nine. Had some interesting dreams. One of them found me back at my childhood home in Sweden, having a girl friend with me who wanted to look into a mirror. I tested them out first for her. The one in the hallway had poor light. Then I thought of my mother’s round big mirror in her bedroom. While my friend looked at herself in the mirror I saw some dirt or sticky stuff on the surface in one corner and started to wipe it clean with a cloth. I enjoyed the movement of cleaning the mirror so that I also could look in it.


By that time there was no rain and it looked as if it could be a grey but dry day. I went back to bed to do my regular morning meditation on CD (with Toni Elizabeth Sar’h) which took half an hour. Then I decided to have a shower and wash my hair as I never know when cold and rain will set in again which can mean shortage of hot water from my solar panel. Before I was ready for Julius’ morning walk the time must have gone 11 o’clock. Still no threat of rain as the dark clouds were moving towards the east. Rain usually comes from the Methoni-direction, i.e. west. We even had a glimpse of the sun and the promise of blue sky. Yet another beautiful day here in Paradise.


It struck me this morning, after yesterday’s write up of events in my diary, that just by sharing my diary I am opening up my Heart. I don’t have to write anything else. Just open up all my diary notes going back years and years. This has been my secret that I was afraid to share. It is as simple as that. Just share my life. I saw the image of a small girl picking flowers and offering the bouquet up to her mother. Or even as I have seen myself during times of difficulties in life with no-one to turn to – I simply write my thoughts for God to read. Both cases are an offering upwards to someone or something. My Master once gave us a lesson. He said a pupil or disciple should always offer his services upwards to the Master. A Master should never have to bend down and ask for help. That is why it was so important to have the volunteer Staff structure whereby we took an Oath of Allegiance offering our unconditional service to him and his organization. There is magic within this Cosmic Law.


What really set me off writing this was an article in the latest issue of Athens News, a weekly newspaper. Under the section “Lifestyle” a young man known only as Holy Mustache is interviewed. The article is called “Vintage missionary”. Why I only started reading this morning I don’t know but I had folded the paper with this page upwards so as not to forget to read it. I will partly copy direct from the article:


“Athens News: How was Holy Mustache born?

Holy Mustache: Two years ago I started growing a moustache and I loved it so much I wanted people to identify me with it. A moustache can be interpreted in many different ways, and to me it was something sacred, so I became the Holy Mustache.

It was a point in my life when I was going through a lot of changes and this name perfectly expressed my transformation. I believe that people should change their names depending on the phase they’re going through, as every name has a different vibration.

My name is Holy Mustache. Since then my life has changed radically. I’m not the same person I used to be. My mentality, my nutritional habits, my biochemistry, the way I use my body, the way I regard life, my goals and dreams, everything has changed. I even communicate with people on a different level now. I am the Holy Mustache.”


Ha, what timing! Yesterday I felt inclined to use my new name Amma Magi in my diary notes although I felt unsure. Today I feel sure I should use this new name for my artistic work. I am Amma Magi. The concept of a name bringing about changes is also referred to in the book: Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. Here a tribe of Aborigines in Australia celebrate a new name when someone has mastered something in life. The name then reveals the skills of that person for everybody to know. In another section of the article the concept of “vintage” is explained:


“How did you fall in love with vintage and what kind of professional activities have you developed around it?

I was first introduced to vintage culture during my shopping expeditions to London four years ago and I’ve been smitten ever since. I was completely captivated by how unique and rare a real collectible item can be and I had soon put together a considerable collection of my own. When I run into some difficulties with another business venture of mine, I began selling off my collection at the Meet Market that was just getting started in Athens. I eventually discovered some great local sources for vintage clothes and accessories and I expanded into womenswear. It’s been a year since I decided to become a vintage missionary.”


This article opens up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I want to be a Missionary of Life. I am learning so much from the people around me. Should I launch into a business venture? Just to get energies moving.


Be daring, Amma Magi. You only live once, at a time.


I am ending this page with some good news. We have rain, more rain, plenty of rain. I am sitting in my cozy little office with a warm electric fire behind me, surrounded by lit candles and soft music while my little dog is curled up asleep in my armchair. What more can I ask for? Yes, there is one more thing actually. Some person to share this wonder with. I miss good company.


Release No. 37

November 2010


Sunlight over the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. I am sitting on the beach with my dog Julius next to me. Pen, paper and camera at the ready, as always. I was born to write but have been slow to realise it. People are constantly reminding me: WRITE!!!

Yes, I hear you Panos. You were one of the first to encourage me. You called me the Golden Pen after we met in Athens. I had just moved to Greece and didn't really know anyone. I didn't even know why I was here. But I needed time to get my head together, to write my life story. And I did. I also wrote another story, the one about Panos and life in Greece. He received a printed copy of the book in his hand before he passed on. He was pleased but promted me: "Write more!"

After a spell in Sweden, seven years to be exact, I have moved back into my house in southern Peloponnesos. Two months have passed but I have still not caught up with myself. After running a "Creative Writing and Storytelling" course and entertaining various house guests, I am finally free to create the rest of my life. Slowly I am learning not to dance after someone else's tune but to find my own. My next course will be called "Create the Song of your Soul".

In August this year something extraordinary happened. I was invited to a gathering of women in the south of Sweden, quite some distance from my home. I had really no idea what it was all about but had a strong feeling I should attend. I didn't know anyone apart from one lady with whom I had been corresponding by e-mail for a few months. During one of the sessions we were going to be given our real names during a meditation, names revealing our true origin. Maybe I put up a barrier of disbelief or fear because nothing happened to me. It seemed to happen to the rest of the near twenty other women. But during the night it came to me, as clear and natural as if I had always known. My name was Amma Magi. Since that time I know something has shifted. I have kept a daily diary as if I am waiting for further revelations. What am I supposed to do now?

When I was 21 years old I shook the hand of my Master Teacher for the first time. His name was Dr George King, Founder-President of The Aetherius Society. The place was a house in Fulham Road, London. The following thirty years became a roller-coaster journey balancing life as a professional business woman as well as supporting my Master as part of his Staff. He was in direct contact with Cosmic Masters from other worlds. I was thirsting for new knowledge and this is really when my writing career took form. I just had to log everything that was happening in my life. Dr King was a prolific writer himself and published over thirty books apart from leaving hundreds of lecture tapes behind. But I had to write my own story, what was happening to me. Otherwise I would not believe myself.

I am now 61 years of age. Maybe the time has come to share my personal experiences? I will see where this takes me, if I continue pasting them on this website or start writing a new book?

One brave step forward I have taken is to sign up for Meta yoU Metaphysical Course with Master Teacher Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich (, a 3-months intensive. As I mentioned in my last Release, spiritual education is important. She is an excellent Teacher!

To be continued ...


Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder

a.k.a. Amma Magi


Release No. 36

31st August 2010


Time never stands still. All is in constant movement. So it appears. But how do I relate to it? There are days when I wonder what I am doing. Am I wasting my time, waiting for better times or am I in the middle of a huge transformation without noticing it?

I remember the excitement over the promised cosmic events to take place this year from an astrological point of view and the speeding up of "spiritual opportunities" as from the Summer Solstice leading to the Conscious Convergence on 17th/18th July and the Harmonic Convergence on 17th August. The clarion call: "Open your Heart" is reverberating around the globe.

There has been a speeding up of opportunities for gatherings, meeting new people and movement through travel. Indeed an opening up to embrace life to the full. The Mother Earth is heightening Her frequencies and so should we.

I have come to realise the importance of spiritual education, to learn something new or rather "re-member" and then to integrate it into my life. In particular I have found much inspiring and thought-provoking material from the websites of Toni Elizabeth Sar'h and Owen Waters  

The simple message this time is: Open your Heart, allow the energy of Love to integrate into all aspects of your life.

Don't forget the gathering at The Spirit of Life centre in Mani, Greece, on 3rd - 10th October 2010, where we can integrate our life experiences through creative writing, storytelling, meditation, yoga, country walks, swimming in the sea and enjoy delicious Greek food. For information:

Live life to the full!

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release No. 35

21st June 2010


Today Sunlight Network is celebrating its 15th Anniversary.

We have been inundated with messages about the significance of the exceptionally strong cosmic energies abound at this time. This day is also dedicated to Global Peace.

We are pleased to be able to continue our work, spreading important information and links. Here is one of the messages we have received:


Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release No. 34

5th March  2010


Welcome to our new web-design. We have completely changed our website to give it a more modern look. The front page photograph is taken from our Retreat Centre in Greece. What you see is the acropolis of Stoupa, Peloponnesos with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. It is a magnificent place for walking, swimming, meditating, healing, exploring ancient sites and recharging our batteries. Please check information on our “News” page for forthcoming retreats.

Like so many others I am always excited over the New Year, new promises, new intensions. As the months go by, I sit and wait for some miracle to happen, that extra something which will change the doldrums of my life. It is easy to forget that I am the one who has to bring that change about. I have to make the effort.

My office is filling up with files of diary notes, reflections, newspaper cuttings, print-outs from Internet, new and interesting books … My life is my work and my work is my life.

I have come to a point where my receptacle is becoming full. I am inspired by many contemporary creative artists and spiritual pioneers but at the end of the day I ask myself: Who Am I? What can I do for the world?

It takes courage to explore our individuality and stand on our own two feet. The ancient Greek saying “Know Thyself” is still relevant today. Within each soul lies the answer to the mysteries of the universe. When we come together as “awakened souls”, we truly become magnificent.

Don’t forget “the bigger picture”. What you are and what you do reflect on the whole. Each one of us has the potential to lift out of the mundane and into a life of intensity, passion and joy. Why limit ourselves?

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder

P.S. Our expert web designer is Stefan Öhrman (


Release – No. 33

11th November, 2009


In a message from Diana Cooper dated 31st October 2009 (, she writes: “In October we experienced the brightest full moon I have ever seen. It marks the time to finish with the old for there are great possibilities in the next few weeks to manifest the new. I have been uncording people and situations as I anticipate a flow of new energy and circumstances into my life and it has already started. This is such an exciting time to transform your life, so please back up new decisions with positive visualisations and you may be amazed at the wonderful changes presented to you.” 

During the last decade or so, we have gone through many astrological transformations that make me think we “have arrived”. Surely we must have reached the huge shift by now that people are talking about. But each day I wake up to the same old news stories about wars, political strife, financial chaos, mass unemployment … Are we lagging behind the evolutionary cycle which appears to be transforming the universe round us? Are we stuck, somehow? Or, are we still waiting for the magical date of December 2012, when we believe it is all going to happen?

The “Now” moment means that I stop dreaming and hoping for better times in the future. Instead I do a bit of practical Feng Shui, clearing out things that are not “my life” to make space for a new flow of energy. By making life simple, I create time to listen to my inner voice.

In the “Now” moment I shut out the world, the cares and concerns of other people, and concentrate on my own divinity, my own link with God. When I find my inner balance, I truly feel charged with energy and life becomes so much easier. The secret ingredient: to show GRATITUDE!

Through Sunlight Network I know there are many people all over the world connecting as Light Workers. Every Monday evening between 8-10 pm I set aside time for Healing and World Service. I know I am not alone. There are thousands, if not millions of us working for peace and enlightenment on Earth. Join us!

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release – No. 32

11th September, 2009


One of the aphorisms of my Master, Dr George King, is “Miracles are not made by God for man, but by man for God”. It appears that this has been proven correct in recent days.

Since I was a child I have been in awe of people in high positions, admiring their competence while feeling myself unworthy. When will I ever grow up? Now at 60 years of age I have reached a turning point. I am starting to look back on my life. All my futile efforts, all my mistakes, all my disappointments have not been that at all. There is no failure, only experience which leads to better understanding and new insights. Am I really part of the huge shift in consciousness that has taken place and catapulted humanity toward a Higher Dimension? I need to pinch myself. Yes, I AM.

In amazement I read the latest information sent by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles of New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose. Between 15-20 August 2009 the 23rd Annual World Congress on Illumination was held in Tucson, Arizona. The full report is posted under the heading “News” on this website and is worthy of study. She writes: “For clarity, the Company of Heaven asked me to reiterate a little of the information that they have shared with Humanity in the past. Their intent is to help all of us understand the groundwork that was laid in preparation for this moment. As you read these words, please ask your I AM Presence to help you “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” This glorious occurrence has been a work in progress for millennia.”

In March this year I received a special edition of a newsletter: Take Charge of Your Life. Patricia Diane Cota-Robles writes “This Is Our Moment! In the deepest recesses of our hearts, we have always known that this time would come. World religions and prophecies throughout the Ages have all talked about these “end times”. What Humanity is experiencing now has been referred to time and again in various ancient scriptures as the “time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth.” Despite that ominous description, ALL of us volunteered to be here during this purging process. The question is, why would we subject ourselves to such pain and suffering? Why would we agree to be in physical embodiment during the most challenging time in the evolution of this planet? Well, the answer is clear. We volunteered to be on Earth at this time because we were shown the bigger picture.”

As I have often repeated: It is time to wake up!

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release – No. 31

8th May, 2009


“These are the Last Days of the Old Order. The New Order for you will be greater Peace, greater Joy. Conditions beyond your wild imaginings! Or, rebirth upon a younger World to relive the terrors of the history you have made upon this Planet. Choose – and Act!”               A Man from Mars

On 8th May 1954 a man in Maida Vale, London, received a Command which was to change the course of his life and awaken human minds to a cosmic perspective of huge proportions. During the following forty-three years Dr George King (1919-1997) pioneered a new culture to prepare mankind for entry into the Aquarian Age. The quotation above is taken from his book “You Are Responsible!” published in 1961, a real classic and must read for any serious metaphysical student (available from The Aetherius Society

The words “peace” and “joy” are taken from the front cover of the book and the more I look at the world, I see peace and joy emerging out of chaos and confusion. My middle name is “Traveller on the Path” and recently I travelled down to my beloved Greece. I celebrated “western” Easter and the following week Greek orthodox Easter, mixing with the European community in southern Peloponnesos. New as well as old acquaintances enhanced my experiences and nurtured my faith in the goodness of people. Especially I wish to congratulate artist Ioannis Antoniadis at Rainbow’s End Art Gallery, Kardamili on his divinely inspiring paintings. Please check his website: Also Carol and Peter at Mesogio Gallery in Stoupa, who incidentally also have exclusive rights to sell my book “Travels with Socrates – a modern diary from Greece”.

Another little joy this day is the celebration of my dog Julius Panayiotis’ first birthday. The sun is shining and spring is truly here with its green lush and longer daylight. It is play time!

Peace and Joy to all!

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release – No. 30

23rd January, 2009


In my life I find a shift away from the popular concepts of abundance, finding a perfect life partner, seeking happiness to ultimately live in bliss. Even the concept of New Age seems out-moded as we are integrating into a new era of cultural awareness.

Mankind is heading somewhere and fast. It is time to wake up and prepare ourselves individually and collectively.

The word culture translates into civilisation, society, traditions, customs, way of life, etc. It is a foundation upon which we base our every day living. But things do not appear to be as they used to. Time to change.

Living in Greece a few years ago my partner Panos and I often reflected over sustainable life styles. We enjoyed a simplistic way of living. The elements of fire, water, earth and air were fundamental. Respect for Mother Nature and Her free gifts were also essential. We found that we needed very little in the way of materialistic means in order to enjoy a healthy and rich life style.
Also here in Sweden I have adapted a simple life style, growing my own vegetables during the summer months, taking care of fruit and berries as they ripen, making jams, etc.

Apart from the survival aspect of every day living, there is the human need for culture, nurturing and stimulating ourselves and each other. People need to meet, not just at cultural events where entertainment is laid on, but just to talk and exchange ideas. I have noticed many “organic” groups forming without dogmas or hidden agendas.

Sunlight Network has nurtured this concept over the years and arranged numerous events where people meet in a relaxed atmosphere, sharing information, our talents and gifts.

Unfortunately Panos is no longer with us as he passed on some twelve months ago but he helped me instigate the concept of “Logos on Earth”, a meeting space for philosophical and educational conversations. At the same time these will act as healing and nurturing retreats. We established one in Greece and I have also established one here in Sweden. I will continue to develop these, knowing that the spirit of Panos is with me.

Wishing you all a culturally fulfilling and nurturing 2009!

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release - No. 29

23rd November, 2008


Has anyone noticed? The word “change” played a prominent part in Barack Obama’s US presidential campaign and appealed to the voters. Neale Donald Walsch of “Conversations with God” fame is launching a new book: “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”. David Icke, author and lecturer of conspiracy fame, cautiously asks: “Hope for what? Change what? Believe in what?”

There is a wind of change blowing giving each one of us an opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, a wind of fear, uncertainty and turmoil if we don’t harness its positive effects. Thank God we are stopped in our tracks and given a chance to take stock. Where are we heading?

The greatest change causing domino effect across the world is the financial “crisis”. Is anyone surprised? The other day I stumbled upon an old issue of Caduceus magazine (issue 30 Winter 1995). On its front cover: Power and Money – Beyond money madness – Revolutions in business – Releasing guilt about money – Could business heal the planet? John Tomlinson, a former New York stock exchange broker and merchant banker, is featured: “The debt-based monetary system isn’t working. Do we have an alternative to economic turbulence?” He writes: “At the moment, western economies need to create new jobs to reduce the levels of unemployment. Within a debt-based monetary system, that means that interest rates must be reduced. People will then borrow money both to spend and to invest. That is the current wisdom about how to achieve a healthier economy. I question that wisdom which says that, in order for the economy to improve, either more people must get into debt or those who are already in debt must get deeper into debt.” Talking to a neighbour over a cup of coffee in the kitchen today he confirmed that very thing. “Just to buy another television set we get into debt. We take a loan. But now no-one will lend us money.” And Christmas is approaching, a time of spending.

Now is the time to apply our metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, test our belief systems, find out who we truly are, go within in meditation and come out in co-operation and service.

As I am writing this there is a violent storm spreading along the whole length of Sweden’s eastern shores, coming inland with ferocity. We are already experiencing snow chaos with more snow expected. In my worst imaginings fear is gripping my mind. But why, I ask myself? Welcome it instead. With hardships comes a sharpening of the mind, a survival instinct. Someone once said to me: “you cannot sharpen a knife on velvet”. Challenges, winds of change, chaos, turmoil … well, it is trying to tell us something. Maybe it’s about time we wake up?

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release – No. 28

18th June, 2008


The Summer Solstice beckons us. On Saturday June 21st we reach the zenith of Light in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a time to open our hearts in gratitude and joy.

At Sunlight Network Headquarters here in Sweden we continue to monitor the New Age movement but very little is passed on through our website. Why? Because there is an over-abundance of information available through the Internet. The sheer volume of teachings, guidance and channelling is enough to make anyone’s head spin. It is not our role to select what “people should know”. It is up to each and everyone to seek what we need for our spiritual growth and understanding. What we do provide is a forum, a meeting point of minds where we exchange ways to improve ourselves, our environment and the world.

In my personal life I have come to realise that I do not always need to know “the reason”. I used to analyse everything to bits and try to make sense of the world. Recently I have heard it repeated enough times to know that I should stop looking for a reason. There is a way to surrender with grace. To trust God.

A friend of mine recently said, as we were comparing our rough times: “we don’t know what we really volunteered for when we entered into incarnation.” It is true, as our memories are locked up and our purpose veiled. But we came here “for a reason”. A highly recommended book is entitled “Discover Your Purpose in Life” by Owen Waters. You can order an e-book through Owen and I used to work together in London under the same Yoga Master, Sir George King. We chose the best metaphysical training available.

In her book “The Age of Miracles – Embracing the New Midlife” Marianne Williamson writes: “It’s horrible to contemplate, but terrorists know what they’re doing. I can’t imagine a kind-of, sort-of, when-it’s-convenient, casually committed terrorist. Terrorists have an agenda, that’s for sure, and they’ll do whatever it takes to further it. Yet our biggest problem isn’t just that a relatively few people hate with conviction; it’s that not enough of us love with conviction. With every thought of love, we participate in the creation of a unified field of exponentially greater possibility for everyone.”

Now is the time to love with conviction. Happy Midsummer!

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release – No. 27

11th May, 2008


We are being called to a higher service. Patricia Diane Cota-Robles appeals to us to “be the heart, head and hands of God” on this physical plane. The month of May is always a very spiritual and auspicious time, she writes, and the first of May is known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. The outpouring of Violet Flame is amplified as this day falls within the embrace of two very powerful Wesak Full Moons, on April 20th and May 19th. We are called to invoke these new frequencies of energy and serve as surrogates on behalf of mankind. For full details, please check out her website

From April 18th to May 23rd we enjoy an enhancement of all our spiritual efforts by a factor of 3,000 times through the orbit of Satellite No. 3 in our skies. For full details please check out website

Constantly we are being reminded, from many sources, of the urgency of our times and the leaps and bounds forward we are making as Lightworkers.

May is already proving an interesting month. A few days ago I visited Stockholm to attend an SRF meditation meeting (Self-Realization Fellowship). Two visiting monks from Los Angeles were present to share first-hand experience of life in one of the Temples founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. Their mission was also to strengthen the fellowship between students in small groups and isolated areas. A metaphor of burning logs in a fireplace was used to illustrate the importance of unity. Take one log out of the fire and what will eventually happen? I felt particularly touched as I have been working on my own in an isolated area for many years now but feel an urge to move closer to my spiritual associates.

Yesterday the funeral of a young girl was broadcast nationwide on TV in Sweden. She was a child molested victim and used as a symbol of innocence. The sun was shining, spring was at its most beautiful with white cherry blossoms. The heart chakra of Sweden opened.

Urgent message: Global Interlink Conference in Israel (December 2008) – Integrating the New Cosmic Energies into the Human Consciousness. Check out

Enjoy the mystical month of May!

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder


Release – No. 26

3rd December, 2007


As I was sitting down to write my Christmas message, I read through an article sent by a friend only yesterday. My heart lit up and I thought “Thank You! You have already written my message. Further words are superfluous.” Please feel free to take into your heart and mind the message which follows below. It pays tribute to The Sun, as in Sunlight, as the best model for unconditional love!

Have a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year! Go with God.

Marie Norlén-Smith, Founder

From Owen Waters


Peace and Happiness

Peace resides in the human heart. Inner peace creates outer peace in your relationships and in the effect that you have upon the global consciousness.

Peace is a choice. It respects your boundaries and it respects the boundaries of others. When you set your boundaries and stop others from intruding into your space, when you respect other people's boundaries and do not intrude into their personal space, then it is possible to move on to the next step, a state of mutual cooperation.

Mutual cooperation means that you support each other in ways that come from your heart. You help people because you love the spirit within them. Their outer personality is not the important focus here; it is their inner light, their inner spirit that you can always love, regardless of their outward actions. This, then, is the foundation for unconditional love.

The best model for unconditional love is right above you in the daytime sky. The Sun shines on everyone alike, without any judgment.

Love and support are the key requisites for lasting peace. The more people embrace peace in their own lives, the more they affect the global consciousness that we all share on this planet.

Happiness is the fruit of the tree of life. It is the needle in the compass that tells you that you are on track, that you are 'on purpose' in your journey through life.

True happiness is inner joy, that deep and genuine joy which lasts forever. It comes from being in resonance with your inner purpose, with your inner self.

Your inner self is your soul, the part of you which lives forever, the part of you that is always there to help, guide and protect you.

Within this inner soul burns the flame which connects you to the entire cosmos of Creation. It is your connection to Infinite Being, to the All That Is.

In this heart of your spiritual connection lies a wonderful essence. This is the essence of spirituality and joyful living.

As your conscious connection with this essence grows, so does your level of happiness.

A connected life is a purposeful and rewarding life. It is one where you spend your efforts exploring the exact situations that you came here on Earth to experience. With love and wisdom, you transform these situations into lasting success.

Through life, you experience the endless variety of Creation. Through life, you travel back to that source from which you came. Through life, you discover the inner flame which is the key to eternal joy and happiness.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of "The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness". Available in hardcover or via immediate download at: